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Konosuba Season 3 is In Works; Confirms Writer Natsume Akatsuki

Konosuba is often dubbed as a feel-good show. This is the reason why fans are so desperately waiting for Konosuba Season 3. However, after much speculations and rumors, the release date of Konosuba Season3 is still kept under wraps. Lucky for us that a Japanese news portal recently interviewed writer Natsume Akatsuki who shed light on the future of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! aka Konosuba A blessing to this wonderful world!.

In his interview, Natsume confirmed that Konosuba is definitely moving forward and we might see the next season sooner than expected. Does it mean that Konosuba Season 3 might air anytime in 2018 or should we expect an early 2019 release date?

Konosuba Anime Series

Konosuba anime series was produced by Studio deen that aired its two seasons in 2016 and 2017. The fantasy comedy series is based on light novel series of the same name penned by Natsume.

While Konosuba is also expanded into a manga series and even into a spin-off series yet they did not match the success of the anime series.

Konosuba follows the life (or should I say the afterlife) of a young teenager named Kazuma Sato. Kazuma is an introvert teenager who does not like to spend his time among people. He finds pleasure in video games and living alone. In fact, he finds it hard to incorporate with the basic social behavior of this world.

Interestingly Kazuma dies a laughable death and leads into an afterworld. In this new afterlife, he meets a goddess named Aqua who give him an offer to live in an MMORPG like a world. She even grants him to take a weapon or ability along with him. Kazuma gets irritated by her behavior and thus demands her to go along with him. Forced to complete his wish, Aqua joins him in the new virtual world.

In this new world, the duo has to fight monsters and go on quests. Their ultimate quest is to defeat devil king and only after that they will get rid of this world. At first, the duo chooses to neglect their tasks or to go on adventures but later on, they find that in order to survive in this new world they have to earn money. This forces them to go on adventures together.

However, they soon learn that they are incompatible with each other so they decide to recruit more members. The duo is later joined by a 13-year-old wizard named Megumin who knows only one magic trick (a huge explosion) and Darkness who is strong at defense and is a closet masochist.

The team learns that in order to challenge the devil king they must defeat his eight loyal generals. Therefore Kazuma goes on a mission to defeat the generals one by one along with his teammates. Each member has a different ability and thus together they make a perfect team.

Kazuma has a very high luck, Aqua is a goddess, Megumin is a powerful wizard and Darkness is the defense tank of the team.

Konosuba Season 1 and 2

Season 1 follows on How Kazuma and his team go on to defeat the first general named Verdia. Also, the team gets to know more about each other’s past. Kazuma learns that he can die in this world too and gets transported to another afterlife where he meets another goddess named Eris. She is junior to Aqua. Kazuma also gets to know that Aqua can revive him any time in the magical world. However, he desperately wants to go back to his normal life.

Season 2 ends with Kazuma and his team defeating two more generals (with the help of WIZ). The team even break up at one point. Season 2 ends with the team on separate paths and trying to overcome the monsters of this magical world.

Premiere date of Konosuba Season 3

As there is a lot of source material available for Konosuba season 3 we can assume that Konosuba can go into production the summer of 2018. The first two seasons were shorter (10 episodes each). If rumors are to be believed then we might see more than 15 episodes in the third season of Konosuba.

If you wish to read Konosuba manga series then it is available in English language on the official website of Yenpress. However, the English dubbed version lacks behind the original series a lot. We are still digging more information about Konosuba season 3. Stay tuned with us until then.