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Roland Emmerich Shares Independence Day 3 Release Date and Plot Details

If you have seen Independence Day: Resurgence then you already knows that Independence Day 3 is inevitable. The climax of the second film Independence Day series made it clear that there will be another sequel and this time it will be much bigger than the previous two films. Here we discuss about the plot, star cast and possible release date of Independence Day 3.

Independence Day was a surprise blockbuster in the mid 90s. The film made Will smith a global icon and he became an A-list actor in Hollywood due to this film. Jeff Goldblum already enjoyed a cult fan following and this film only increased the number of fans for him. Made on a budget of $75 million the film was able to take $817 million home thus earning a 12 times profit. Director Roland emmerich suggested way back in 90s that he have sequel story in mind. However it took him two decades to come up with the sequel – Independence day: Resurgence.

The sequel was released in July 2016 and it met with negative reviews. To be honest it was a scar on the original film and was universally panned. The sequel missed Will smith and it was revealed in the film itself that his character was killed during the events between two films. Independence Day: Resurgence was made on a budget of $165 million and it earned $389 million. Though the film earned almost twice the budget yet it was considered a failure. It was due to the fact that many were expecting the film to enter $1 billion club but it failed miserably.
Independence Day 3 Release Date
Roland, who created the Independence day Universe remain unaffected of the box office results and stated that he got a bigger story to tell to the world. Roland said that he has a much better concept and story for Independence day 3 and ‘Resurgence’ will act as a bonding between the original film and the third film.

In Independence Day: Resurgence we were introduced to the last of a highly advanced alien species. The last being belonged to such advanced species that it was able to convert itself into a virtual being. It was revealed that an intergalactic battle is on rise and the whole universe will suffer from it. The film ended on a note where Dr. Brakish Okun revealed that the mysterious Orb is ready to share information on intergalactic travel and Human species now have to take sides in the Intergalactic Battle.

In late 2016, Roland confirmed that the third Independence day film will feature Intergalactic journey and it will be one of the costliest film of all time. Although he did not gave much information about the plot but he confirmed that David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and Dr. Brakish Okun (Brent Spiner) will return for the sequel along with Liam Hemsworth and Maika Monroe.

In early 2017, Roland confirmed that he has written the screenplay for Independence day 3 and is currently on cast hunting. Prison break fame William fitchner joined the cast in early 2017. Roland did not commented about the release date of Independence day 3 but he confirmed that the story will take 2 or 3 years after ‘Resurgence’ and this time there will not be a gap of 20 years. As the character of Will Smith is killed in the Independence day series so there is hardly a chance that he will return. Currently Roland is busy in the direction of Universal’s film ‘Moonfall’. After this he will start working on Independence day 3.