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‘Death Parade’ Season 2 Release Date On Madhouse

Anime show “Death Parade” (Known as Desu Paredo in Japanese) is one of its own kind. Season 1 of “Death Parade” met critical acclaim overseas but was not admired much by Japanese audience.  This led to confusion among Madhouse studio on whether or not to renew “Death Parade” for Season 2. Good News is that Madhouse has finally decided to give a second season to “Death Parade”.

“Death Parade” Anime Show

Desu Paredo is adapted from the short anime film Desu Biriyado which translates to Death Billiards in English. This anime show has a very unique concept and many people among audience have claimed that it changed their view on life and death.

“Death Parade” revolves around a bartender named Decim. However he is no ordinary bartender. According to “Death Parade”, when two people die at the same time it is not decided whether to send their soul to heaven or hell. So those people are sent to mysterious bars where they have to compete against each other to earn a good fate. The winner will be reincarnated while the loser will be sent to oblivion. Decim owns one such bar named Quindecim which is on the 15th floor of a building operated by mysterious lady named Nona. Decim plays the role of judge where he will judge the character and fate of a dead person.

Decim’s favourite hobby is to create mannequin dolls. He does not show any human emotion at all. However, things changes when he meets Chiyuki a black haired woman. He begins to question his own existence and his role as a judge.

Death Parade Season 2

“Death Parade” Season 1

“Death Parade” season 1 aired on NTV,Sun, AT-X and MMT network in January 2015. The dubbed version was loved by American and European audience. However, its original Japanese version Desu Parade failed to create any spark among the Japanese audience. Season 1 was 12 episodes long and it concluded with a well-structured finale.  Fans were wondering whether or not they should expect “Death Parade” Season 2. Many fans agreed that it was better to let off the show for just one season.

“Death Parade” Season 2 Possibility

Madhouse studios produced “Death Parade”. As the series met mixed reviews so the studio was confused about the future of “Death Parade”.  After much discussion the studio has finally decided (in October 2016) to give green light to Second run of “Death Parade”. But there are still many problems with “Death Parade” season 2. First of all, there is no information regarding the plot and episode list of Season 2. Yuzuri Tachikawa, the writer of original series will write the second season.  Madhouse is yet to announce the actual release date of “Death Parade” season 2 but we believe that it will be somewhere around fall 2017 or early 2018. We will keep an eye on further updates about second season of “Death Parade” and will update this page as soon as we get any news about the second season. You can subscribe our newsletter to get the latest details about your favourite anime show Desu Paredo.