Young Justice Season 3 (Outsiders) will premiere in 2018, New Characters Revealed

Cartoon Network’s TV series Young Justice kicked off with a promising start in 2010 and by season 2 it became a fan favourite. However when the series ended with season 2 in 2013, fans were set back and rallied on internet demanding a third season. Even though Warner Bros knew about the protest of fan yet it decided to keep mum on the topic. It was only in 2016 when Netflix released Young Justice on its streaming service that fans again started a demand for third season.

In Mid-2016, Netflix considered buying rights of Young Justice for a Third season. This resulted in Warner Bros taking Young Justice for serious and it announced in 2017 that the series will return with a third season in 2018.
In April 2017, Warner Bros. revealed the title of third season – It will be called Young Justice: Outsiders.
Young Justice debuted on TV as a superhero TV series which was based on the comic book of same name by Todd Nauck, Todd Dezago and Peter David. However Cartoon Network cleared it later that the series will not follow the exact footsteps of the comic book series. In fact it will take characters from the entire superhero roaster of DC comic world.
Young Justice Season 3 Outsiders Release Date
Young Justice is a coming of age animated TV series which is based on the younger versions and sidekicks of superheroes. We saw protégés of popular DC superheroes Batman, Superman, Arrow, Flash, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter fighting the big evils of DC world.

Dick Grayson (Robin), Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, miss Martian and Artemis form a Team to fight crime across the globe.

Young Justice Outsiders Characters List

Warner Bros revealed the characters of Young Justice for third season. The team will be joined by Static, Wonder Girl, Spoiler, Impulse, Blue Beetle, Arsenal, Beast Boy, Thirteen and Arrowette.

On July 21, 2017 DC Comics also shared the art for season 3 of Young Justice on twitter. They also released two tag lines for the show and they were – ‘Tell Me They Don’t have something to prove’ and ‘Leaving Home. No Curfew. License to Drive.’

Spoiler, Arrowette, Static and thirteen will be the new characters added to series in third season. The art of these characters was released in July 2017 by DC comics. Spolier would be a girl wearing red color suit. Her powers are unknown. Arrowette will be wearing a hoodie and a mask. She will probably be the young version of Green Arrow. Art of a new female character was also introduced however the name of the character was not revealed so it is either static or probably Thirteen.

Wonder Girl would make its debut in the series. Her costume is just tee and yoga pants with lasso of truth attached to it. Another character Blue Beetle will also debut in this season. The character looks more like Big Chill from ben 10 TV series.

Young Justice Season 3 Release Date

DC comics have not announced the release date of Young Justice Season 3 but it will probably premiere in 2018. Earlier there were talks that Young Justice Outsiders will premiere on Netflix but later on DC denied the rumors. Young Justice Season 3 will include 26 episodes and if the season is positively received than DC has promised to renew the series for a fourth and fifth season as well. Stay tuned with us to get the exact premiere date of Young Justice third season.