Who Will be Perfect Batman in Superman: Man of Steel Sequel?

Who Will You pick up for the role of Batman in Man of Steel 2

The Box office Clash of Summer 2015 is getting more and more interesting day by day. First it was The Avengers sequel that people were betting to become the highest grossing film of all time but with the announcement of Star Wars Episode VII, the bets were reversed. As if that was not enough leading studio Warner Bros. Announced that the sequel of Man Of Steel (releasing in May 2015) will see the duo of superhero Batman and Superman together on screen. Thus making the summer 2015 Box office battle more interesting.The idea of pairing Batman and superman together in one film dates back to the 70s. But for decades the project has been in cold bag.

Who Will be Next Batman?

Gladly Snyder confirmed that Superman’s Man of Steel sequel will see both superhero together on screen for the first time in history. Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne are confirmed to reprise their role. But who will be our new Batman? Christopher nolan who is attached as producer to the project has confirmed that neither Christian Bale nor Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play the role of Batman (reprising it from The Dark Knight Trilogy). There are many names floating around that are considered perfect for Batman. As the Batman Vs Superman/Superman Vs. Batman film see both superheroes as rivals (inspired from ‘The Dark Knight returns’ comics) so a good chemistry between Henry cavill and the actor playing batman is must. Here are 3 actors that we think are perfect opposite Henry cavill to play Batman:

4. Ryan Reynolds:

Though he has played the character of superhero Green Lantern previously yet we believe that he has the talent to evolve himself into the darker Batman.

3. Channing Tatum:

If Snyder is planning to make Batman Vs Superman more action oriented then Channing tatum would be a perfect choice. The actor is looking forward for a career defining role and Batman could be the one for him.

2. Chris Pine:

Chris Pine brilliantly played the role of Captain James Kirk in Star Trek and Star Trek: Into the Darkness. He is one of the reason behind the success of the Star Trek. He might become the one to take Batman Vs Superman One step ahead from The Avengers 2.

1. Ryan Gosling:

He has not played any superhero in his career. But he surely is a perfect match for The Dark Knight. Gosling has played several dark and serious characters in his career including the famous Stunt actor of Drive. Plus point is that he is in a perfect physique required for the Batman. He and cavill could make up a good rival/friends duo.

Bradley Cooper, James Franco and Dwayne Johnson are few names that are also floating around for the role of Batman.