Who Will Be Next Spiderman – 5 Actors Who Can Play Peter Parker?

Who Will Be the Perfect Spiderman

Now that the big news of Spiderman joining the MCU has broke, the internet is flooded with suggestions that who can play the next Spiderman? Yes, Marvel has decided to sign up a new actor for Spiderman and Andrew Garfield will not be stepping into the boots of Peter Parker. The search for new spiderman has begun and every fan has his/her own suggestion for new spiderman. While a large portion of fans was hoping to see first bl@ck spiderman Miles Morales, Marvel cleared that they still trust in the Peter Parker version. The next Spiderman movie is announced with a July 2017 release date. But the excitement of Spiderman is high because Spiderman will be seen in Captain America: Civil War film which is due for release next year. Whether we will see the third reboot and origin story of spiderman or not is still unclear but right now the big question is who will Play the Next Spider-man. Here are 5 actors who are considered for the next spider-man role:

5. Ryan Guzman
Born in September 1987, Ryan Guzman has gained a pretty good fan following from his performance in Step Up Movies. Guzman was recently seen in 2015 film The Boy Next Door opposite Jennifer Lopez. He is a fresh face and pretty young too. Ryan is yet to star in a career defining role, Could Spiderman be the next role for him?
4. Robbie Amell
While Robbie is already playing a character (Firestorm) in the DC comics universe yet fans have high hopes for the cousin of Stephen Amell. Robbie is playing Firestorm in CW’s TV series The Flash. Marvel Studios is open minded and the company can take a risk of a man playing to superheroes.
3. Alex Pettyfer
Alex was already in talks for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. His role in ‘I am Number Four’ was very much liked by the fans. This British actor has made a good fan following after giving solid performance in Beastly and Magic Mike.
2. Dylan O’ Brien
The talks of next spiderman pretty much comes down to Dylan O’ Brien and the next actor in this list. Dylan starred in the last year’s blockbuster film ‘The Maze Runner’. He was born in 1991 and is just 24 years old. So by the time the next spiderman film comes out (2017), he will not get too aged or slow. Spiderman needs to be fast, right?
1. Logan Lerman
Logan Lerman Spiderman
Finally, Its Logan who is actually suggested by many fans to play the next spiderman perfectly. He is young, fast, has a perfect height and physique for spiderman and above all he has a great fan following. Logan has starred in critically acclaimed film The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Fury. He has not played any superhero in any film yet and his addition to MCU will increase the interest in Spiderman.

Jonny Weston, Douglas Booth, Scott Eastwood and Theo James are also considered to play the next spiderman but they have very little to no chances. Interestingly there is a big portion of fan that wants Tobey McGuire back as Spiderman. It will be interesting to see in whom Marvel puts faith for next spiderman but we do hope that they don’t do the same mistake as DC comics.