Trailer of ‘Constantine’ TV Series Out – Get Ready for the Hellblazer Horror

NBC releases the Trailer of Constantine TV Series

Finally the long wait for the Hellblazer Horror coming to TV is over. NBC has released the Official trailer of their upcoming horror TV series Constantine. The rumors of NBC trying hands on the adaption of comic book character John Constantine was circling around the internet since first year. Earlier this year NBC put an end to all the rumors and introduced Welsh actor Matt Ryan as our new anti-hero John Constantine. It was also announced that Daniel Cerone will write the series and David S. Goyer will produce the series. The photo of Matt Ryan in the getup of John Constantine became gossip of every comic book fan. Every TV lover was eagerly waiting for this TV adaption and finally NBC has rose the curtain. And with the look of the first trailer of Constantine, it is easy to guess that there surely will a good bumpy ride back to the hell.


The trailer of Constantine begins with John Constantine being subjected to a painful electric shock. It is revealed that John Constantine calls himself as ‘the master of dark art’ before being poked by a man. As soon as we hear the ‘There are no demons’ line in the background Constantine actually faces one in a girl. The trailer also introduces Liv Parsons (played by Lucy Griffiths) who like us is unaware of the true reality of Ghost world. It is revealed that she is daughter of one of Constantine’s good friends and John needs her help to defeat the dark world. However she is reluctant towards the weird offer but finds herself gripped in dark world as told by Constantine. She acts as a window door for the viewers who wants to know whats happening around and what is the reason behind all this. This is where Constantine comes in play and shows her that how every minute, every second she is followed by dark souls who are just looking for a way to re-enter into this world. She can neither hide from them nor she can run away and she has to help Constantine to send them all back to hell.

The cut away logos says that an ancient evil is rising and only one man can stop them – John Constantine. A back story also tells that when John witnessed a demon take a girl’s soul to hell and his soul to went to hell. The trailer gives a glimpse of Harold Perrineau and Jeremy Davies (both of LOST fame). Here have a look on the Constantine trailer:

So did you liked the Trailer of NBC’s Constantine. Do you think that NBC will make a great TV series out of the character – a series that will live in our memories forever.