These Superheroes Will be Seen in TNT’s TV Series Titans

Lineup for TNT’s Titans

The success of Marvel studios in superhero genre has inspired a lot of production companies to step in the pool. The latest to join is the TNT network. It was already announced in the late 2014 that TNT is planning to adapt DC comics Teen Titans into a live-action TV series. The series will be Titled Titans (omitting the TEEN) and the pilot episode will premiere somewhere around the fall of 2015. TNT is working in a fast pace for the series and according to online website The Nerdist, the superhero panel that will team up in TNT’s version is already revealed after an insider got his hands on the copy of pilot episode’s script.

For those who don’t know, Teen Titans is a superhero team introduced by the DC comics. It featured Batman’s sidekick Dick Grayson aka Robin who adapt the new identity of Nightwing along with other superheroes like Cyborg, Speedy, Hawk, Dove and many younger (and lighter) versions of already established superheroes. As soon as the news of TNT producing Titan TV series got out TV fans wondered which superhero will be part of team and who will be skipped. Finally, the rumored line-up for TNT’s Titans is revealed and following superhero are rumored to be included in the team – Nightwing, Hawk, Oracle, Dove, Starfire and Raven.


As this list is taken out from the Pilot episode’s script only so don’t worry if you don’t see Cyborg and Beast boy in the list. There is still room that these superheroes will be introduced later in the series. Hawk and Dove will play the new 52 version of the characters as Hank Hall and Dawn Granger. They”ll fall in love and began a relationship. The pilot will focus on how Dick Grayson takes down the superhero identity of Robin and wears the new costume of Nightwing. Oracle aka Barbara gordon will also be there but she will be wheelchair bound. She might not step into the boots of Oracle in one go and there will be a story to build up the character.

Akiva Goldsman who won academy award for best adapted screenplay for A Beautiful mind has been given the duty to pen down the series along with Marc Haimes. The cast for Titans is yet to be confirmed. It is now known if TNT will give fresh faces a chance or will chose among a pool of already established TV actors.

The possibility of a crossover of Titans TV series with other DC Comics TV shows (Arrow, The Flash, Gotham) is very low. It will be interesting to see if the DC comics TV shows and movies give any strong challenge to the Marvel comics TV shows and movies.