The Walking Dead Season 4 – Kirkman Discusses the changes in the Storyline

What Changes You might see in Season 4

Robert Kirkman, the creator of ‘The Walking Dead’ comics and executive producer of the TV series of same name discussed with Press at Comic-con 2013 about what changes people might see in the fourth season of The Walking Dead. AMC’s most popular TV series enters in its fourth season in October 2013 which also coincide with the 10th anniversary of the comic series. There has a been a huge divergence in the main story of comic series and TV series. Characters who survived for several years in comics were killed quickly on TV. This year would be no different.The only similarity between comics and TV series this year is that in both worlds Rick and his co. will be on a deadly war. Robert Kirkman interviewed about the possible changes in The walking Dead Season 4.

The Walking Dead Season 4

In the Comic series, Rick will be seen on war with a rebellious leader Negan. Negan is trying to oppress all the surviving communities in the new world and become the new leader. In the TV series Rick will be battling against the evil Governor. Kirkman however stated that there will be certain shock and surprises in the fourth season.

  • Rick Grimes will step down from his leadership and We might see Daryl leading the group.Rick on the other hand will be seen devoting himself to be a good father.
  • Like its Predecessors, The fourth season will also focuses on the theme of Death and few long-time surviving characters will be killed on screen. But who it will be? Will it be Hershel or may be Glenn?
  • Rick’s son Carl will be seen more mature yet more deadly in the Fourth Season.
  • Fan’s favorite Tyreese and Michonne both might be seen in a conflict on the leadership and survival tactics.