‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Wiki

It was a smart move by MTV to renew “The Shannara Chronicles” for Season 2. The series got mixed to negative reviews from critics but the audience loved it.  Due to positive response from audience the producers decided to renew fantasy drama series “The Shannara Chronicles” for second season.

“The Shannara Chronicles” Series Overview:

“The Shannara Chronicles” is based on the Shannara novels written by Terry Brooks.The first book in the series – The sword of Shannara was published in 1977. It was followed by two sequels by 1985.The Shannara trilogy focuses on the war of four lands between the evil demons of ‘The Forbidding’ and the armies of the living.

Season 1 of “The Shannara Chronicles” aired on January 5, 2016 on MTV. It followed a mixed pattern while adapting The Shannara trilogy. Instead of adapting just the first novel of the trilogy, Season 1 adapted elements from the whole trilogy

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2

According to the TV series, evil demons are locked in a land known as The Forbidding. The Forbidding is in another dimension and it is locked by a tree named Ellcrys. Ellcrys is decaying and dying thus thinning the distance between the two dimensions. Demons from the other dimensions are returning to the land of living. Fearing from this the trio of Wil Ohmsford,Amberle Elessedil and Eretria join forces to protect the tree and defeat the demons.

Will Ohmsford is a half human half elf, Amberle Elessedil is princess of elves and Eretria is a human who was raised by thieves.

“The Shannara Chronicles” Season 1 included 10 episodes. The main criticism that “The Shannara Chronicles” series faced was its audience target. Avid readers of the Shannara novels felt that the series is deviating from its root source and is basically trying to please young adult audience. Critics panned the show for this but still the audience loved it. After all the show was produced by MTV so what else can you expect?

“The Shannara Chronicles” Season 2 was confirmed by MTV on twitter on 21st April 2016. Although the release date of the Second season was not announced but we expect “The Shannara Chronicles” to return on TV by February 2017.

“The Shannara Chronicles” Season 2 plot

Currently there is no official plot details about Second season of “The Shannara Chronicles”. However, Jon Favreau who is one of the executive producers of the show admitted that Episode 1 of “The Shannara Chronicles” Season 2 will decide the fate of Eretria. Eretria was captured by the trolls by the end of Season 1.

The episode list and details about the release date of “The Shannara Chronicles” Season 2 will soon be made official by MTV. We will update this page as soon as we get the episode and plot details of Second season. You can subscribe our newsletter to get the details of “The Shannara Chronicles” Season 2 plot directly to your inbox.