The LEGO Movie 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast and Other Rumors

The LEGO Movie 2 gets a Release Date

The LEGO Movie has entered into the most successful films of 2014 by making more than $400 million world wide. Not just that but til now The LEGO movie is one of the highest rated movies on various sites (8.1 at IMDB by 1 Million users and 96% fresh rating on rottentomatoes by 193 critics). With such massive critical and commercial success, a sequel was already expected. Warner Bros. has already announced about their plan of releasing a LEGO movie spin-off with Ninja theme (titled Ninjago). However, the plans of The LEGO movie sequel were not clear until now. Warner Bros has recently announced that they are actually looking for The LEGO Movie 2. For that Warner Bros has set a release date of The Lego Movie 2 which is May 26, 2017. Yes, That is Too Far.

The LEGO Movie 2 Director

A Lot of things are yet to be decided about the sequel like Who Will Direct The Lego Movie 2? Fans and critics consider that the success of The LEGO movie was mainly because of director Phil Lord and Christopher Miller but they are less likely to come up in the sequel. UPDATE: Warner Bros has hired Chris Mckay as the Director of The LEGO Movie 2. Chris was Animation Supervisor, Editor and Co-Director of The LEGO Movie. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller would be Producing the Sequel.

The LEGO Movie 2

The LEGO Movie 2 Cast

Warner Bros has shown interest in making a all new fresh sequel with new characters and new theme. So you might not hear the voices of original cast which included – Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Channing Tatum, Elizabeth banks, Liam Neeson, Will Arnett and Alison Brie.

The LEGO Movie 2 Plot
The Screenplay of the original Lego Movie was written by Phil Lord and Christopher Plummer. Warner Bros hired Jared Stern (Writer – Wreck-It Ralph) and Michelle Morgan as the screenplay writers of the sequel. A Lot of work is yet to be done on the script so there is no details about the plot as of now. But various Internet communities and fans are gossiping about a sequel with more star Wars Characters along with new superheroes.

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