The Good Place Season 2 Release Date Announced By ABC

NBC’s sitcom The Good Place has a unique story line and that is why there high chances that The Good Place Season 2 will happen. Starring Kirsten bell in lead role, The Good Place aired on 19 September 2016 and has gained a subsequent fan following since then. Fans are worrying if The Good Place will be renewed for second season or will it get cancelled? Here we consider all the possibilities and discuss why it is beneficial for NBC to renew The Good Place for a second season.

Michael Schur who has co-created hit comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and has worked on TV sitcoms like The Office and Parks and Recreation pitched the idea of ’The Good Place’ to NBC in Summer 2015. Impressed from the unique theme and format of the proposed show, NBC decided to order a straight 13 episode season 1 of The Good Place. The pilot episode of The Good Place premiered on September 19, 2016 and gained a viewership of 8 million viewers. Kirsten bell the lead actress of the show was considered the main reason behind this huge number. Kirsten is beautiful and talented and has a pretty good fan following. Although the number decreased to 3 million viewers per episode by the end of season 1 but the show was able to score good ratings. On IMDB, the show is rated above 7 and on RottenTomatoes it was given 89% fresh rating. All this implies that fans would love a second season of The Good Place.
The Good Place Season 2 Release Date
‘The Good Place’ follows the afterlife of Eleanor Shellstrop who wakes up in the state of The Good Place. Eleanor was saleswomen in her original life and she often cheated to earn good money. Eleanor soon realizes that she is mistaken for some other Eleanor in The Good Place state. However, she decides to play by the rule as she does not want to go to The Bad Place. She has to accept her designated soul mate. Problem arises when her soul mate Chidi learns her true identity. She finds it difficult for herself to manage the good image and follow all the good rules but Chidi, despite learning her identity, decides to help her.

The Good Place surely have a promising premise but the only problem is the lack of robust characters. Fans want to have characters with different personality traits but that is not possible in all good world like The Good Place. The writers surely need to work on this angle. The Good Place Season 1 comes to an end in December 2016. As of now there is no official announcement about the Second season of The Good Place but going by the high ratings we assume that The Good Place Season 2 is a given. It is only a matter of time when NBC officially announces the release date of The Good Place Season 2. Don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter to get latest updates about it.