The Exorcist Season 2 Release Date Set in 2017 By Fox

The cult classic horror film The Exorcist has influenced the genre to huge extent. Fox commissioned a TV series titled ‘The Exorcist’ in 2016. Season 1 of The Exorcist aired on 23 September 2016. The first season ended in December 2016 and since then fans are wondering if The Exorcist TV series will return for second season or will The Exorcist gets cancelled. Fox finally answered fans plead and have announced that The Exorcist Season 2 will happen. Here is everything that you need to know about the second season of The Exorcist and where the series is heading to.

Fox was planning for the TV series since 2015 but they knew that they have big responsibility to carry on the legacy of a well-established franchise.  Fox trusted in Rupert Wyatt (Dawn of the Planet of the Ape fame) to direct the pilot episode of The Exorcist TV series. The exorcist star cast was joined by Alfonso Herrera (Sense8) and Ben Daniels (House of Cards).Alfonso plays the role of Young Father Tomas who is appointed to a small church. Ben, on the other hand, plays the role of Father Marcus who is in favor of Exorcism. Famous actress Genna Davis joined the cast as Angela Rance.
The Exorcist Season 2 Release Date
Around 2.85 million viewers watched the first episode of first season of The Exorcist. This number dropped to 1.98 million viewers for second episode and since then the series has maintained around 1.5 million viewers per episode. Even though critics considered it to be poor execution of the classic source novel and film yet many admired the direction, acting and pace of the story line.

Season 1 of The Exorcist focused on the haunting and exorcism of Rance family. Father Tomas and Father Marcus are two different men but they join hands together to fight the demon that is haunting the Rance family.

The critics might have called the tv series an average adaptation but many fans beg to differ. The Exorcist TV series has been rated above 8 on IMDB. Rottentomatoes gave the series a fresh rating with 77% while it scored 62% at metacritic. Looking at these ratings we were hoping that The Exorcist gets renewed. As season 1 progressed chapter wise so many fans were expecting The exorcist to be a one season show and were doubting that the exorcist might get cancelled. Fox announced in November 2016 that The Exorcist will get a second run and the story line will be kept under wraps.

Fox didn’t reveal any official release date of The Exorcist Season 2 but commented that the second season will not air before fall 2017. This means that we can expect The exorcist season 2 to air around October 2017. We will keep a close eye on this topic and will update this post as soon as we get any news about the second season of The Exorcist. You can subscribe our newsletter to get quick update about the future of the series.