The Dark Knight (2008) Review

Director? Christopher Nolan
Star Cast? Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine,Aaron Eckhart,Maggie Gyllenhaal
Screenplay? Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan
Run-Time? 152 Minutes
Genre? Action, Crime, Drama
Our Rating? 5/5

Its hard to make a superhero film. Its even harder to make a sequel much better than original film and it is surely hardest to live up to the hype. But here is Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ which before release built too much hype among audience from excessive marketing and advertising campaigns and then far exceeded the hype from its Box office performance and universal critical acclaim. If The 2005’s original film paid true homage to the character of Batman then the sequel surely pays a true homage to one of the greatest comic book villains The Joker (Played by Late Heath Ledger). Heath died before the release of the film. He might have turned out the Marlon brando or Jack Nicholson of Our generation. God Bless his soul.

The film takes up few months after the story of Batman Begins. The City of Gotham faces a new terror in the form Joker who is not afraid of any thing. The film begins with Joker looting a bank while killing his accompliances. Joker comes to know about the fear of Batman among other mobsters and he offers to kill him but he is laughed upon by others. Joker kills one of the gangster and take his gang under control thus becoming the Mob leader of the city.

Meanwhile Gotham city appoints a new district attorney, Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart). Dent is dating Bruce’s childhood friend Rachael. Still, Bruce idolizes his thinking and his policies in making the city crime free. Joker on the other side start killing powerful people just to turn Batman on him. He broadcast a message that Batman must reveal his identity else hi will continue his killing spree. Bruce at first tries to reveal his identity but Dent announces that He is Batman. The whole city police and real Batman comes in aid to protect Dent from Joker but still he is kidnapped along with Rachel. Joker realizes that Dent is not Batman and broadcast a message that he has kept both hostages in two separate buildings and Batman will have time to protect only one. Batman finds Dent just before the Building explode. The explosion result in scars on Dent’s face.

Joker, upon knowing that Batman is still alive, threatens to explode a hospital. He tricks Dent (who was admitted to hospital) to take revenge thus becoming TWO FACE who decide the fate of his victim by tossing a coin. Even though all hospitals gets A plus security yet Joker is able to blow up a hospital he planned and escapes. A war ensues between Batman and Joker which ends at the climax. But who won? The Joker or The Batman. That’s a tricky question. Don’t think Superhero always wins.

The Good: The Joker, Batman and the Plot
You’ve Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman in one film. Those are few of the finest actors of all time. Christian Bale surely is Perfect Batman but the man who stole the show was all the way Heath Ledger. His joker is one of the finest character ever portrayed on screen. The Dark Knight teaches a great lesson.We all have hidden desires be it good or bad. We might suppress our desires but Christopher Nolan’s Joker was a flowing force that knows no boundaries, no limits and will do anything that he wants to. He is free from Religion, Relations and Emotions and thats what make him more cruel, more dangerous and much much more psychopath than Jack Nicholson’s Joker. A Perfect example of how mastermind psycho can turn the whole city upside down single handedly.

The Bad: Nothing
Yes, There is no loophole in the film. It is exceptionally well superhero film. You will love the martial arts sequence too.

Should I Watch It?: A MUST WATCH