Star Wars Battlefront 4 Release Date Scheduled for 2017

EA was criticized earlier for not improving Star Wars Battlefront series which is close to fans heart due to the popularity of the Franchise. EA finally won the heart of fans with Star Wars Battlefront 3 which was released in November 2015. Ever since then fan are speculating about when Star Wars Battlefront 4 will be released? We have got the latest scoop on the release date of Star Wars Battlefront 4.

Star Wars Battlefront 4 Release Date

Star Wars Battlefront 4 Release Date
Star Wars Battlefront 3 was developed by EA dice along with Criterion games. Electronic arts released the game in November 2015 to much critical acclaim. One reason for the immense success of the third installment of Star Wars Battlefront series was that it was adapted from the rebooted Star wars movie series. This obviously made fan excited about the future of the game series. Electronic Arts didn’t disappointed fans and confirmed that they will be releasing one star wars battlefront each year till 2018. So fans were expecting that Star wars battlefront 4 will release some time in 2016 but that didn’t happened. This is because EA released the Star Wars Battlefront experience. When questioned about the future of Star wars Battlefront game series, Amy Hennig (the creative director of Star wars Battlefront) stated that Star Wars Battlefront 4 will release in 2017 and that will be somewhere in between April 2017 and December 2017. The most probable date is around November 2017 but we can’t promise.

This was not the only happy news that the fan got but additionally the company confirmed that Star wars Battlefront 4 will be based on the on-going Star wars Movie universe. Most of the story line and elements of Star Wars Battlefront 4 will be inspired from Star Wars Rogue one movie which released in December 2016. But it will also adapt story line and theme from the upcoming Star wars movie (Star Wars VIII) and the much awaited solo Han Solo film.

Our best bet is that Star Wars Battlefront 4 will be released in November 2017. Subscribe our newsletter to get more info about Star Wars Battlefront 4 directly to your inbox.