Star Trek 3 Beyond Wiki, Cast, Plot and Release Date

Star Trek 3 (2016 Film)

No One expected that Star Trek would be such a huge hit upon reboot back in 2009. But interestingly Star Trek reboot not only did fantastic business globally but also was able to win hearts of younger audience of newer generation. Die Hard fans of Star Trek didn’t even expected that they would see any one else other than Leonard Nimoy to play Spock. Fans were still fond of William Shatner’s James T Kirk and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock from the original Star Trek TV series and movie adaptions. However Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto not only were able to justify themselves as the new Captain Kirk and Spock but were also able to give deliver a unique performance of their own. Zachary Quinto specially was loved by fans for his career defining performance. Star Trek was a huge hit in 2009 and the sequel Star Trek into the Darkness was a bigger hit both critically and commercially. Fans are keeping an eye on the third sequel which was announced back in 2013. Here is all you need to know about Star Trek 3:

Who Will Be Director Of Star Trek 3?

This question was making rounds since 2013 when Director JJ Abrams stepped away from the project. JJ Abrams got the bigger project to direct Star Wars:The Force Awakens. So the seat for Star Trek director was vacated and in a hurry Paramount Pictures gave the responsibility to writer and producer Roberto Orci. Orci had produced the previous two Star Trek films as well as contributing in the scripts. He even wrote the script of the third Star Trek film. But it was rejected after being called as too Star Trek-ey. Later on Paramout Pictures removed him from the project and then contracted director Justin Lin to direct the film. Justin Lin is famous for bringing back the Fast and Furious franchise back to life and he is a perfect choice as compared to Orci who had no direction experience. Simon pegg showed interest in writing the script of third star trek film and he was given the opportunity.

Cast of Star Trek 3

The major characters from the original Star Trek film will reprise their roles in Star Trek 3. Chris Pine will once again play Captain James T Kirk while Zachary Qunito will play the role of Commander Spock. Zoe Saldana will play Nyota Uhura while Simon Pegg and Karl Urban will play Scotty and Dr. Bones respectively. For the role of the villain, Paramount pictures is in talk with Idris Elba and Breaking Bad fame Bryan Cranston. This time the Enterprise crew is said to face off the Klingons. Idris elba is in talks to play the leader of Klingons.

Plot of Star Trek 3

The rumored title of Star Trek 3 is Star Trek Beyond. It is rumored that the film is expected to revolve around the adventures of Enterprise crew in the farther universe exploring new alien civilization and colonies.

Release Date of Star Trek 3

Star Trek 3 will be released in July 2016, which marks the 50th Anniversary of the original TV series.