Speechless Season 2 Release Date

ABC’s new comedy show Speechless is a success from episode 1 itself.  Speechless debuted on ABC on 21 September 2016 and ever since then fans are asking more and more from the comedy series. Speechless Season 2 is a given but the only question is the exact release date of Season 2 of Speechless on ABC. Speechless might be the next big hit in the comedy genre. Let’s have a look on the series plot and what can we expect from second season of Speechless?
Speechless TV show Overview
Writer Scott Silveri came up with the idea of Speechless in 2014. He pitched the idea to ABC and they green lighted the show. Scott is known for his work as story writer on evergreen sitcom FRIENDS. Speechless is his sixth project and due to his critical praised work in past we can expect more from the show.
Speechless Season 2 Release Date
First Look of Speechless was released on 13 May 2016. Due to the unique concept of the show along with positive presentation, Speechless gained nearly 8 million viewers on premiere episode itself. ABC airs the show during prime time and that is why Speechless is expected to gain even more viewers in upcoming seasons.

Speechless follows the DiMeo family that is not a traditional family. British actress Minnie driver plays the role of Maya DiMeo who is known for her alpha female nature. She plays the head of family and most of the time takes things in her hands. Her husband Jimmy has a careless attitude. They have 3 kids – JJ, Ray and Dylan. JJ is older brother of Ray and Dylan. He is diagnosed with cerebral palsy but this does not put down hit attitude. JJ is friendly and has good sense of humour. Their daughter Dylan love sports and she has several character traits matching to her mother. Ray is younger brother of JJ and he is the most intelligent person in the family.  The family is moving constantly to find a good school for JJ and their search ends when they move to a new neighborhood.

The most impressive thing about Speechless is that it delivers positivity on a serious topic. The show spread message that attitude matters. Critics and fans both applauded the show with positive reviews and with each episode the overall ratings of Speechless are improving.

Speechless Season 2 Release Date on ABC

ABC is yet to state its view on the possibility of Second Season of Speechless but due to overwhelming positive reviews Speechless Season 2 is given. The premiere date of Speechless Season 2 might be pushed back to fall 2017. Subscribe our newsletter to get latest updates about Speechless Season 2.