Shivaay Review – Indian ‘Taken’ that Could have been Short and Better

Here is Shivaay Review. This Ajay Devgan film seems to be inspired from Liam Neeson’s Taken but it failed to impress like the original. Still it is a good watch and we give a rating of 3 out of 5 to Shivaay.

In my personal opinion Ajay Devagn’s Shivaay wins the Ae Dil hai Mushkil VS Shivaay Clash. This is because of two reasons – First of All Shivaay tries to be different. Instead of feeding us with another crap romantic film, Ajay Devgan chooses to go with an action thriller. Secondly, Ajay Devgan beautifully showed a father-daughter relationship that is much needed to our society of today.

Story –
Shivaay opens in the high mountains of Himalayas where Ajay Devgan’s character Shivaay earns his livelihood as a guide (and sometimes a daredevil stuntman for army). Shivaay falls in love with a Ukrainian girl named Olga. Olga gets pregnant with Shivaay baby but she is not ready to accept motherhood. So she leaves the little girl (Gaura) with Shivaay and returns to her home in Ukraine. Things take a turn when after 9 years Shivaay’s little girl demands to see her mother. Unwillingly Shivaay accepts her demand and take her to Ukraine. There Gaura is kidnapped by Human trafficking circuit and Shivaay has to do everything in his power to save his girl from the evil smugglers.

There are very few plus points of Shivaay but good thing is that there are not much bad points as well.

1. AVOIDED STUPIDITY –Well I don’t know if it is right to count this as a positive point. I am counting it as a plus point because I was expecting several plot holes in the film. For example I was expecting the Indian embassy girl (Syesha Sehgal) to help wanted criminal Shivaay without any objection. Glad that didn’t happened and Ajay chose the logical way.

2. PLOT and Theme – I won’t say that it was a memorable film on father daughter relationship but Kudos to Ajay devgan for trying something different. I don’t know if a modern lover to take extreme steps for his/her lover but I do know that a father can cross all the limits to protect his child. Therefore much of the action and stunts go down without judgement.

3. Action and Cinematography – The action didn’t had memorable sequences like Ajay Devgan uprooting the street light (as in Singham) or stepping out of a speeding car while shooting at the villain (copied from RED and used in Singham Returns) but the chase sequence was good. Also the cinematography was pleasant to eyes and showed the amazing beauty of snowy mountains.

4. MUSIC – Not as Good as ADHM but the title track beats were brilliant.

Shivaay Review


Just like Ae Dil hai Mushkil, Shivaay too was unnecessarily long. While ADHM managed to pack up before the people started feeling the pain, Shivaay on the other hand failed to do so. I would have rated the film 3.5 if it was 33 minutes shorter. Many characters were irrelevant to plot and their role was exaggerated from the story point of view. First of all there was no need to switch villain. Even if you wanted to show the old man as pawn then you should have shown it earlier in the film. Because no one was shocked to see that the Old man is not villain. Secondly there was no need to show the hacker (Vir Das) and Indian Embassy girl’s romance angle. It was irrelevant to plot. In fact there was no need of the hacker himself. It could have been carried out by the Indian embassy girl herself. Thirdly, the father-daughter relationship scene of the Indian Embassy girl and her father were too far-fetched. If this was necessary then surely there was no need of hacker because the girl had motivation to help but the hacker had no motivation to help. In the end, it was the climax that hurt the overall plot and theme of the film. Audience was confused on when shivaay will end because there was a turn in the theme. Gaura was seemingly happy with her new parents. If this was the plan all the way then it would have been better to kill shivaay because that would have justified the plot. The kid knew how much risk and pain his biological father took to protect her from the clutches of evil. So obviously it was going hard for her to choose her right guardian. These points should have left to audience imagination and should have happened off screen.

Shivaay is not going to be blockbuster and it won’t be remembered as best Ajay Devgan film. It is surely not as good as Drishyam but all in all it is a good watch. You will enjoy the film and will forget it till Dangal releases.