Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 3 Confirmed by Production IMS

The Testament of Sister New Devil aka Shinmai Maou no Testament is one fan service anime that is hard to ignore. The success of first two seasons of Shinmai Maou no Testament tells that The Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3 is inevitable. However there are a lot of questions regarding Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3.

The most important question is when are we going to see the third season of Shinmai Maou no Testament? Here we take a brief look on the anime series and what it holds for us in future.

What kind of anime is Shinmai Maou no Testament?

First of all let me clear you that Shinmai Maou no Testament is no anime for people who like to watch logical TV series. I stand with you on that but do know that many fans love to watch anime just because of the anime girls.

The Success of The Testament of Sister New Devil is perfect example of it. There is no interesting story or character at all in the anime series yet it is one of the most popular anime series in the world right now. This is the reason why many fans are demanding The Testament of Sister New Devil season3 on online forums.

The Testament of Sister New Devil is adapted from the light novel series Shinmai Maou no Testament which was authored by Tetsuto Uesu. Tetsuto penned the series in 2012 and till now 10 volumes has been published. Later the series was adapted into manga series which was very successful in japan.

Excited from the sales of the light novel and manga series Production IMS bought the anime rights of the series and produced the now popular Shinmai Maou no Testament in 2015. Even though critics disliked it yet the anime series struck chords with fans and became a fan favourite anime. Till now two seasons with 22 episodes has been aired in the span of two years.
Shinmai Maou No Testament Season 3

Season 1 and 2 of Shinmai Maou no Testament

The first season of Shinmai Maou no Testament Aired from January 2015 to March 2015 (12 episodes) and got mixed reviews.

It was followed up with a second season in Fall 2015. Fans were expecting Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3 in 2016 but it didn’t happened. However in August 2017 Madman entertainment confirmed in Comic con that they are moving forward with Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3.

Plot of Shinmai Maou no Testament

For those who don’t know about Shinmai Maou no Testament, they should not worry about – Because there is nothing to know. The series is your everyday anime story where a young boy has to perform unrealistic tasks while also protecting himself from cute beautiful anime girls.

Shinmai Maou no Testament follows the life of young Basara Tojo who becomes infamous in his village due to his cursed sword. Jin Tojo, his father, remarries and introduces Basara to his new step sisters Mio naruse and Maria Naruse.

It is later revealed that Mio is a powerful demon child and is destined to rule the underworld. Maria is a succubus who is on service of mio. She has to overthrow the demon lord Leohart and reclaim her kingdom.

Basara reveals that he belongs to Hero clan and he is sworn enemy of the demon clan. However, he decides to protect Mio from the demon lord and his demon servants. Maria tricks Basara into pledging a master-servant pact with Mio. She intended to make Mio the master and Basara the slave but due to wrong spell casting she accidentally makes Basara the master of Mio.

Due to this pact Basara is continuously aware of Mio’s current location. Mio has to agree and do whatever Basara says; If she disobeys, the something happen which I can’t tell here.

Anyways the Tojo Naruse clan is joined by other girls including Yuki Nonaka who has crush of Basara and is his childhood friend. Kurumi Nonaka is younger sister of Yuki and she too develops a crush on Basara. Chisato Hasegawa is school nurse who is later revealed to be angel. She also likes Basara. You can see how the storyline is progressing.

Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 3 Release Date?

The first two season of Shinmai Maou no Testament are adapted from the first four volumes of the anime series. This means that there is more than enough source material for season 3.

Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 3 is confirmed by Production IMS but the official release date if yet to be revealed. As the anime will enter production stage in early 2018 so it means we can see The testament of Sister New Devil Season 3 by spring 2019.

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