Schindler’s List (1993) Review

Director? Steven Spielberg
Star Cast? Ben Kingsley, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes
Screenplay? Steven Zaillian
Run-Time? 195 Minutes
Genre? Biography, Drama, History, War
Our Rating? 5/5

War is never my favorite genre, for they show the cruelty and hatred of Human against each other. Watching thousands of people getting killed on screen doesn’t amuse me, It leaves the mind disturbed for hours. Killing a person is the worst thing to do in the world. But then there are war movies like Schindler’s List that have a strong positive message among them. What’s the most noble cause on earth? To save the life of a living being. You talk about the greatest man of 20th century and you will surely get names like Albert einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. but you might not know about a man named Oskar schindler who saved the life of other while putting his own life on stake. Schindler’s list might not have turned out that much effective if it wasn’t directed by Steven spielberg and didn’t starred Liam neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph fiennes. The film is based on the novel Schindler’s Ark (by Thomas Keneally) which is based on the life of German Industrialist Oskar Schindler.

For many reasons i personally think that Schindler’s list is the greatest film ever made far above The Godfather, Citizen Kane, Gone with the wind and The Shawshank Redemption.

The film focuses on the life of German Businessman and Industrialist Oskar Schindler who wants to take benefits of the rising power of Nazi army and become rich. In the wake of the world war II in 1939, Oskar schindler moves to the Krakow Ghetto city where the Jews are kept as prisoners by the Nazi army. At first Oskar tries to benefits from the war by opening a factory and producing army mess kits. He bribes the SS officials too to make his work on large scale. But when he sees the killing of innocent Jewish people by the cruel Nazi army he become concerned.

He decides to help the Jews by giving them jobs in his factory thus saving their lives. He bribes officials too get more and more jews as labors in his factory. But the situation worsens when the city comes under the command of Nazi Amon Goeth whose favorite hobby is to kill Jews. Oskar cleverly saves as much jews as he can without coming in the wat of Amon goeth. When the concentration camp in the city is built Amon is ordered to transport all the jews (including Oskar’s Labors) in the city to another camp and then kill them.

When Oskar comes to know about it he bribes Amon to protect his labor so that he can keep his ‘business’ running. Amon demands a big prize for that, thus staking all the wealth of Oskar schindler. Upon negotiations he asks Oskar to make a list of Jews that he wants to work for him – Schindler’s List.

The Good: Everything
The moment the film is on you get into it. Schindler’s list is shot in black and white and thus you can get the feel of that era. Steven spielberg took note every minute thing in the film and presented the film as it is, very near to reality. The Nazi concentration camp and the mass murdering of people in them give shiver downs the spine. Every passing minute you feel sorry for the people killed in the camps and develop a hatred toward Hitler and Nazi Army.

Liam Neeson as Oskar schindler is perfect. Ben Kinglsey as Schindler’s accountant Itzakh Stern is also memorable role. But the man who took the film to the next level was Ralph finnes. His character of Evil Amon goeth is one of the finest character ever portrayed on screen. In many ways he is one of the finest villain. I wonder why he didn’t won Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor that year. Tommy Lee Jones Character in The Fugitive was no match to Amon Goth. The score of the film is also impressive and it very well mixes with the sad theme of the war.

The Bad: Nothing except may be the viewer itself
There is nothing bad about this film but some people might find it too lengthy as it is around 195 minutes long. Also if you’re one of those rare persons who know nothing about the Nazi Holocaust camp in the second world war then you might not get understand the true nature of the film.

Should I Watch It?: As i said it is the greatest film of all time. So i would strongly suggest you to watch it.