Samuel Jackson Gives a Sneek Peek at Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Hateful Eight’ Set

The Shooting Of Hateful Eight Begins

Ever since the information about Quentin tarantino’s next project has leaked out, Every fan is desperately waiting to get more and more news about it. Samuel Jackson gave a treat for such fans when he posted an onset photo of Quentin Tarantino’s next film ‘The Hateful Eight’. The principal photography of the film has begun on 10th December 2014 and the shooting will be wrapped up by February 2015. Quentin tarantino is known to repeat his cast in all his films. Take Samuel Jackson for example who has been part of almost all Tarantino’s film. However this time we won’t be seeing Christoph Waltz as he preferred to portray a mysterious role in Spectre (James Bond film) rather than doing another western with Quentin Tarantino.

Yet, Tarantino has repeated most of his past cast in ‘The Hateful Eight’. Kurt Russell will portraying the central role of John ‘The Hangman’ ruth who is a bounty hunter. The story of ‘The Hateful Eight’ revolves around eight different man who are caught in a blizzard in Colorado. John Ruth is on his way to hand fugitive Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to the local sheriff. On the way he meets Chris Mannix(Walton Goggins) and Marquis warren (Samuel Jackson) along with 5 other man.

The Hateful Eight Pic

Quentin tarantino has also signed Channing tatum in a pivotal role. It is for the first time that Channing will be working in a Tarantino film. The shooting of the film has began in the state of Colorado. Samuel Jackson has posted a pic of himself on a ranch in Colorado with the caption ‘And it Begins’.

Quentin tarantino’s last exploration of western genre (Django unchained) was universally acclaimed and got very high positive reviews. Many fans and critics didn’t wished for him to go for another western film. However, Quentin tarantino stated earlier that the story of ‘The Hateful Eight’ was in his mind since the time he was shooting ‘Django Unchained’. To get a more clear view of his film’s concept and theme, Quentin has watched a lot of western movies in the past two years. It would be interesting to see if Tarantino’s eighth film will continue his streak of critical acclaimed movies or will it go the other way?