Rocky (1974) Review

Director? John G. Avildsen
Star Cast? Sylvester Stallone
Screenplay? Sylvester Stallone
Run-Time? 119 Minutes
Genre? Sport, Drama
Our Rating? 4/5

Not many are aware of the fact that Sylvester stallone is not only a great actor but is also a very good screenplay writer. Back in 70s when Stallone was struggling to make it big into the movies he saw the match between newbie Chuck Wepner and the great Muhammad ali that took place in 1975. Everybody was expecting that Chuck will be Knocked out in the first round but amazingly he give a good fight to ali and survived til the 15th round. This inspired Stallone to write a Script. For those who don’t know let me tell you another background story. Stallone was not rich. In fact he was so poor before Rocky that he was living on streets and was forced to sell his dog to get money for food. He even did softc0re p0rnography with the name ‘The Italian Stallion’. But he never lose hope and focused on writing the script for Rocky. After he completed the script, he presented it to the studios who liked it and offered money. But Sylvester asked them that he will star as Rocky. This offer was rejected by the studios but few days later the accepted it and made it on a short budget and in 28 days. The film was a sleeper hit and won three Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Editing.

Rocky follows the life of a not-so-young, somewhat dimwitted and amateur boxer Rocky Balboa who is a south paw (means he fight from left hand). Rocky wanted to be a big boxer but never made it and now makes his living by collecting money for the loan sharks of the city. Rocky is living a dull life with no hope but his luck changes when the world heavy weight champion Apollo Creed (impressed from Rocky’s stage name ‘The Italion Stallion’) chooses him as his opponent with the world title on stake. He takes the decision because his opponent stepped down from the fight in the Philadelphia city. Rocky shocked by the offer, accept it and start training session under the guidance of Mickey (who is actually a 1920s era boxer and Rocky’s coach). Rocky falls in love with his best friend Paulie’s sister Adrian.

However, Rocky’s path is not easy as soon he learns that no body is expecting much from him and every body is taking the fight as a joke. Will Rocky be able to defeat Apollo and become the new world heavy weight champion? If he lost what effect will it leave on his life? Will he become a living joke?

The Good: The Screenplay and the Music
Rocky has many good things in it but what makes it stand out of crowd sport film is its screenplay and its music. There are several scenes that leaves long lasting impact on mind. They’re timeless. Like one of my favorite scene from the film (which is also one of the most famous scene) is Rocky rising up early, running on the railway tracks and then through the city and then climbing up the famous steps of Philadelphia city with the energetic music running in background. Besides, Who doesn’t like a rag to riches story?

The Bad: Its not coffee of everyone’s cup
Well, Not everyone is fan of Boxing movies. Though Rocky has human drama too blended into the plot but what actually makes Rocky distinct is its Boxing theme so if you’re not fan of Boxing then you might not enjoy this film.

Should I Watch It?: Don’t watch it if you don’t like boxing. Watch it if you’re neutral or love boxing.