Ragini MMS (2011) Movie Review

Director? Pawan Kripalani
Star Cast? Raj Kumar Yadav,Kainaz Motivala
Screenplay? Vaspar Dandiwala and Pawan Kripalani
Run-Time? 110 minutes
Genre? Horror
Our Rating? 2.5/5

There is no doubt that if you want to sell a horror movie you should relate it with a real life story. That’s what Ekta kapoor did with Ragini MMS. In the Indian suburb the word MMS is already made infamous for several reasons. The title of the film totally justifies thus. Bollywood is not so known for horror movies except for few ghostly horror movies produced by the Ramsay brothers. So, i would praise Ekta kapoor for coming out with a good horror film like Ragini MMS. The writers surely spend good amount of time on writing the screenplay. The actors also gave strong performance rest work was done by the cinematography.
Plot: As the name suggets the film follows the life of a girl named Ragini who is into relationship with a boy named Uday. What she doesn’t know is that Uday wants to use her just to become a popular actor. To work with his plan Uday takes ragini to a seluded building far away the from Mumbai. They plan to spend a night at house where Uday has already planned to make MMS of Ragini. Just after few minutes they enters the house strange things start happening. They are visited by Ragini’s friend who tells them that the house earlier belonged to a lady who killed her whole family in the house. So the house is said to be haunted. Uday neglects the warning and after their friends leaves, he takes ragini to bedroom. This is where the horror begins which continues to scare til the climax. Not only the film used the theme of supernatural horror but also psychological horror.

Ragini MMS

The Good: The Plot and the cinematography.
The pace with which the plot proceeds and the enviornment created around, expecially the work of the camera is top notch and that is what really scares you. Even teh use of marathi language by the ghost scares you. The film is shot in ‘Paranormal activity’ style. It is actually the first indian horror film to use the Found footage formula.
The Bad: Not anything particular except minor plot mistakes
Should I Watch It?: Yes You should.