Our Girl Series 3 to Return on BBC One in 2017

BBC One’s original war drama series Our Girl is set to return for series 3 in 2017. After the gripping finale that aired on 5 October 2016, fans were speculating on whether they should expect Our Girl Season 3 or will it be farewell to the much applauded TV series. Luckily Series Creator Tony Grounds confirmed on Twitter in 2016 itself that Our Girl Series 3 will happen and it will air sometime around 2017. Now that 2 months of 2017 has passed we are yet to get any confirmation about the plot and details of series 3 of Our Girl.

Tony Grounds has already confirmed about Season 3 of Our girl but we should remember that there was a gap of 2 long years between Series 1 and Series 2 of Our Girl. It was due to this long gap that original actress of the series; Lacey Turner was replaced by Michelle keegan. Although Keegan is adorable and in fact her inclusion increased the viewership of Our Girl but the fans were still very much devoted in to the story of Molly Dawes (played by Lacey Turner).
Our Girl Series 3 Release Date
Tony stated that he missed Lacey in series 2 but fans should not be disappointed as series 3 will continue the story of Lance Corporal Georgie Lane who is played by Michelle Keegan. Our Girl was seen by more than 6 million people and the gripping finale even divided fans into opposite teams. Many were rooting for the pairing of Elvis and Georgie while a huge section of fans wished that Georgie get married to his fiancée Jamie. It was a bit disappointing in the end when Georgie chose neither among them and fans felt cheated for this. Now that series 3 is announced fans are wondering if they should expect the romance between Elvis and Georgie or will it be the end of road for them. To this Tony replied that not only Luke Pasqualino (Elvis) will be back for third series but Royce Pierrson who portrayed the role of Georgie’s fiancé Jamie will also be important part of the third season.

The big question is what Series 3 of Our girl would be about? We know that ‘Our Girl’ is known for exploring the lives of British army soldiers and the struggles they face during war or natural disaster. Series 1 of Our Girl was set in Afghanistan while Series 2 was set in Kenya so where should we expect Series 3 to take place? Tony said that the show will now move to the work of British army in natural disasters. Tony said that he is researching on the topic and will focus on the recent natural disasters where the British army was employed.

The Official release date of Our Girl Series 3 is yet to be confirmed by BBC One but Tony said that he is trying his best to return with the third series in 2017 itself. Tony is the creator, writer and co-producer of Our Girl. We are keeping a close eye on the premiere date of Our Girl. We will update this page as soon as we get information about the official premiere date. You can subscribe our newsletter to get more information about Our Girl.

UPDATE – In a recent interview, Tony gave update about the status of Series 3 of Our Girl. Tony hinted towards the possible inclusion of Series 1 actress Lacey Turner in third series. Tony stated that Lacey was unavailable during series 2 and that is why they have to replace her but by the end of series 2 it was revealed that Captain James is happily married with Molly Dawes. While Tony didn’t admitted about the inclusion of Molly’s character in series 3 but he accepted that a cameo of Molly is possible in series 3.