Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 3 Review – Mingling Its Own Nature With It

Mingling Its Own Nature With It Review

‘Mingling Its Own Nature With It’ has pushed the storyline of Orphan Black in the right direction. The Episode 3 of Season 2 of Orphan Black has finally gave pace to show which was assumed to spinning out of control in few more episodes. What actually made the episode interesting and alive again was the idea of writer to put every clone into a situation that pulls audience directly into the plot without getting confused of who’s doing who’s work and why? Mingling it own Nature with it gave Alison, Cosima, Helen and Sarah into different interesting situation and this marked the beginning of event where out-of-control science will stop and the real character building will begin.

The Episode 3 of season 2 Of Orphan black (Mingling Its own Nature with it) begins with Sarah, her foster brother Felix and her daughter Kira wandering in the middle of the nowhere looking for a safe place to hide. Though Kira and Felix are confused about their next step but Sarah looks confident and has a plan for it. This where enter Kira’s father Cal (played by Michiel Huisman) and relieving the viewers for the much expected face up. In such a small time (he only appeared in one episode til now and his screen role was not too long but still his character build up forced audience to remember him for a longer time) Cal has already made a special place. Cal and Kira’s bond grows in this episode and his love-hate relationship with Sarah is further explored in this episode.

Pushing Cal into the picture with Sarah and Kira was the perfect move as it gave time and dimension to build up Felix’s character. Felix moves to help Alison and Mrs S. Since season 1 Felix has provided comic relief which is expected by a loyal sidekick but to make audience more serious towards Felix’s character this was the right move to do. Though we see a good team up of Sarah and Felix in the episode yet it was necessary to push Felix away from Sarah thus making space for both Cal and Felix to grow.

On the other Hand at Dyad Institute Delphine shows Cosima of her clone Jennifer’s corpse. Cosima do an autopsy to determine the death of Jennifer but couldn’t find out. One thing that Cosima does get an idea about is that one day or another she might become the victim and die like Jennifer.

Alison on other side is not able to focus on her upcoming show and she has her mind towards Sarah and Cosima. Alison gets doubtful about her existence and her future and survival. Later on the episode moves on to the most interesting character Helena of whom the writers managed to keep the mystery build up on. Though Helena and her powers are weaker after she ate the poisonous food but at any point she could strike back and it would be interesting to see on whose side she would be.

All in all Episode 3 of season 2 of Orphan Black was a pleasant watch and the writers should be praised for keeping the brilliant work up and moving the story line in right direction. After the end of Episode 3 of Season 2 Of Orphan Black, Alison, Sarah, Cosima and Helena all four were in different and interesting situations. The episode was quiet engaging and it would be interesting to see that what the writers have kept for us in the next episode.