North By Northwest (1959) Review

Director? Alfred Hitchcock
Star Cast? Cary Grant, James Mason, Eva Marie Saint
Screenplay? Ernest Lehman
Run-Time? 136 Minutes
Genre? Action-Adventure,Crime,Drama,Thriller
Our Rating? 5/5

Some movies are classic and some are timeless. Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest is one such timeless (and flawless) film that can entertain person irrespective of age,sex or taste. North by Northwest was released in the year 1959 when Hitchcock was on the peak of his career. Alfred Hitchcock who was master of Thriller genre directed this brilliant film starring Cary Grant. What actually need a true Holiday classic is an Interesting Plot, Memorable scenes and Of course a Dashing Hero. Alfred Hitchcock was able to pull all the right strings in one go. He did made many exceptions in this film. Instead of casting his regular hero James Stewart, Hitchcock opted for Cary grant to play the role of Roger O. Thornhill. Unlike his previous films such as Vertigo and Rear Window where Hitchcock took a lot of time to develop momentum and tension in the plot, North by Northwest come on the front seat right from the beginning.

The plot of North by Northwest focuses on Advertising Agent Roger O. Thornhill (Cary grant) who is mistaken by some thugs for being a spy named George Kaplan. Roger is kidnapped from his hotel and is taken into the custody of a mysterious man named Phillip Vandamm. Despite his continuous denial of being George Kaplan, he is forced to drink bourbon and is tied into a car that is pushed downhill on high speed. Roger gets lucky when he gets a chance to save himself from the staged accident. However he is taken into police custody for driving under the influence of alcohol. Roger tries his best to clarifies his situation to the authorities but no one, not even his mother believes him. To prove his innocence, He go back to the mansion he was kidnapped to but finds out that the mansion is owned by another person named Lester Townsend. He tries to find out the real George Kaplan in the hotel he was staying but fails.

The plot gets more twisted when Roger’s only hope Lester Townsend (who is assigned to United nations) is killed by someone in front of public. Witnesses believes that Roger did it. Roger gets a lot of heat and become a wanted fugitive who is on run. In this deadly scenario he meets up a mysterious beautiful woman named Eve who helps him to hide from the police. With Thousands of Cops and Spies after him, Roger tries one last time to prove his innocence and unover the truth behind the staged events.

The Good: One of the Most Scenic Film of All Time
Not many movies leave long lasting impact. Scenes are forgotten soon. But North by Northwest has many iconic scenes added to the scenic beauty and cinematography that leaves a long lasting impression. One such scene is the cult favorite Crop-Duster Plane scene in which Roger is attacked by a Crop dusting plane in the fields. Another scenes is the climax scene filmed at the Mount Rushmore. Alfred was surely a Genius to opt for such famous and beautiful locations for shooting.

The Bad: Nothing
You watch the film yourself and tell us if you find any flaw in the film.

Should I Watch It?: Why Would you not watch a CLASSIC?