1920 (2008) Movie Review

Director? Vikram Bhatt
Star Cast? Rajniesh Duggall, Adah Sharma
Screenplay? Vikram Bhatt
Run-Time? 125 Minutes
Genre? Horror, Love
Our Rating? 2/5

Hollywood classic horror film The Exorcist has been scaring generations from past 4 decades but sadly no Indian director dared to make a similar horror film. Thankfully Indian director Vikram bhatt did got inspired from the plot of the film and used it in Indian scenario. The 2008 horror film 1920 actually impresses you from several view points but you might find it far from historical accuracy. Nonetheless, 1920 will not get you bored and will keep you entertained til the end.
Plot: As the title suggest the plot of the film dates back to the year 1920 when India was still under British rule. In the village of Palampur, a young Indian Architect falls in love with a beautiful girl. However due to the difference in religion and faith of the families and the villagers the two have to run away to mumbai and then get married. The architect named Arjun singh takes a job of reconstructing an old mansion on the outskirt of the city. He soon moves into the mansion with her wife Lisa. But the haveli has a dark past and several architect like Arjun singh were already killed by a supernatural force present in the Haveli. Lisa soon comes to know about the evil spirit but before she can convience Arjun about it she gets possessed by the spirit. The story continues with the theme of love, faith and demon side by side. In the end Love wins but with several sacrifices.


The Good: The Cinematography and the theme similar to The Exorcist
Even if you dont get scared you will surely fall in love with the scenic beauty shown in the film. The music of the film is also very soothing (specially the song Tujhe main pyar karu and Vaada hai Tumse Vaada) and the pairing of Adah Sharma with handsome Rajniesh Duggall is also marvellous. The background theme of Romance is also properly focused and shown. Some scenes are really scary like the use of famous spider walk and Lisa eating a dead animal in the middle of the night like a wild beast.
The Bad: Illogical Concepts
There are several illogical concepts used in the film. The film was shot in foreign country and the scenic beauty shown in the film was never actually present in India during that time period.
Should I Watch It?: Yes, It is not at all Boring.