Mission Impossible 6 – Everything You need to Know About Tom Cruise’s Film

Tom Cruise has given another summer blockbuster with his latest film the Mummy. Now all eyes are set on his next action film Mission Impossible 6. However, it is not just Tom Cruise that fans are excited to see in the sixth instalment of Mission impossible series. The internet went gaga over the pictures shared by the director Christopher Mcquarrie himself. It was the full grown moustache of Henry Cavil that broke the internet. So now fans are wondering what Mission impossible 6 holds for them and what they can expect. Here is all we know about the sixth instalment of Mission impossible.

Cast Of Mission Impossible 6 –
The original Mission Impossible trilogy was single handily carried Tom Cruise. It was this film series that made Cruise a global action hero. However when the film series was revived and brought back to life in 2011 it was a huge surprise for fans. People were not expect such brilliant sequel from Tom cruise. It was not just the death defying stunts that made the sequel worth watching but also the Jeremy renner’s William Brandt and Simon pegg’s Benji Dunn that gave more flavour the whole series. Christopher Mcquarrie brilliantly came up with a follow up that was well received by critics and fans alike. The second run of MI series has made it not only a box office hit but also a favourite of critics.
Mission Impossible 6
But can we expect the same success from MI 6? The first negative news about MI 6 is that Jeremy renner won’t be a part of it. Jeremy is too tied down to shoot Avengers 3 that he won’t be able to reprise the role of William Brandt. However, good thing is that Hawkeye will be replaced by our own Man in Steel/superman Henry Cavil. We are not sure whether Cavil’s character will play a sidekick of Ethan hunt just like William or will he be the main antagonist of Mission impossible 6.

Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson,Ving Rhames, Sean Harris and Alex Baldwin will reprise their respective roles. Angela Bassett joined the crew earlier this year but the details of her character are unknown. Actress Vanessa Kirby will also be part of the film.

Mission impossible kicked off its production in March 2017 with the first scenes being shot in Paris. The filming location was later moved to New Zealand where Tom cruise also joined other actors.

Plot of Mission Impossible 6 –
Not much is known about the official plot or story of MI 6 but we can make a strong guess based on the pictures shared by Mcquarrie. Christopher has commented that the sixth part will be more emotional than the previous films of the series. This means that we might see Ethan’s wife and son involved in the film. Also the back life or say normal life of Ethan will be explored. Angela might be the main villain of the series. Cavil might be playing the role of Ethan’s side kick. It is hard to expect a double cross from such handsome men. Also he will be more physically strong than Jeremy’s character so we might see some high voltage body slamming.

Release Date of Mission Impossible 6 –
MI 6 is slated to be released on 27 July 2018 worldwide. So book the date in advance.