Mercy Street Season 2 Release Date On PBS – 22 January 2017

PBS gave us a sneak peek of Mercy Street Season 2 in July 2016 but since then there is no update about the second season of Mercy Street. There is no doubt that this period drama series from PBS has struck right chords with the TV lovers and probably that is why it has turned out to be a big hit. Here we take a look on Mercy Street TV show and what will we get to see in second season.

Fans of Downton Abbey were craving for period drama series and PBS came up with Mercy Street in January 2016. The show managed to gain 3 million viewers in the very first episode. Even though the series was getting praise and positive reviews from critics yet PBS decided to cut Mercy Street short to just 6 episodes. Season 1 of Mercy Street ended on 21 February 2016. PBS cleared the air about season 2 in March 2016 when it announced that Mercy Street is renewed for second season and it will follow up right after the events of first season.

Mercy Street is set up in Alexandria, Virginia (1862). The city is inhabited by slaves, free African American, rich people of both southern and northern descent. Two nurses are on the opposite sides of line of duty but they are determined to help their patients. Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the role of Nurse Mary Phinney and Hannah James pay the role of Emma Green. Both these characters are based on real life nurses of same name.
Mercy Street Season 2 Release Date
Season 1 was cut short by PBS but in a press release the channel confirmed that no story line would be left unattended and the second season will continue right after the events of finale of season 1. Many of the characters from Season 1 will return for second season and PBS has confirmed that several other characters will be introduced in Season 2. Furthermore PBS stated that Mercy Street Season 2 will explore the war torn America of late 1800s. Famous director Ridley scott is executive producer of this period drama series.

Although there is no official confirmation about the release date of Mercy Street Season 2 but PBS has stated that it will release somewhere around February 2017. PBS is yet to release the episode list of second season so we don’t know yet if it will include 6 episodes only or will PBS go over the budget and increase the number of episodes to 10 or above. We are in touch with PBS twitter account and we will update you about the premiere date of season 2 of Mercy street as soon as we get over hands on it. Don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter.

UPDATE – PBS has recently announced that Mercy Street Season 2 will air its first episode on 22 January 2017.