Mary Kom (2014)

When it was announced by the Viacom 18 Motion Pictures that the production company is interested in making a film on the life of Indian boxer Mary Kom, then many bollywood fan wondered who will do the justice with such epic biographical role. Soon Sanjay Leela Bhansali attached to the project as producer and director Omung Kumar was roped in to direct the film. After much revival and thoughts the screenplay of Saiwyn Quadras was accepted for film. However the question was still that who will portray legendary Indian boxer Mary Kom on screen. The production company and director soon found the answer in talented actress Priyanka chopra. Priyanka too accepted the role as challenge and dedicated herself to the role.

For those who dont know Mary Kom is a five time World Amateur Boxing Champion and she was the only female boxer to qualify in the 2012 Olympics at London. She won a bronze medal in that game.

In the past sports film have gained a reputable review and fan following in Bollywood. Lagaan, Chak De India and Bhag Milkha Bhaag are good example. The trailer of Mary Kom gives you hope that this film will line up in the same category as of Chak de and Milkha. The trailer shows that how hard PC has worked for the film. She not only trained her self hard to get the boxing agility and physique but also learned the accent and style of Mary Kom.

Director – Omung Kumar
Star Cast – Priyanka Chopra > Mary Kom
Danny Denzongpa
Screenplay Writer – Saiwyn Quadras
Run-Time – 120 Minutes
Release Date – 5th September 2014
Genre – Sports | Drama | Biography
FilmSchoolWTF Rating – 3 Out of 5

Poster of Mary Kom

The Poster of Mary Kom shows Priyanka chopra hitting hard on a Boxing bag showing her determination and energy.

Mary Kom

Trailer of Mary Kom

Mary Kom trailer shows that how a Young Mary Kom gets attracted to boxing and dreams of becoming a boxer. Her father is against her wishes as Boxing is not a profession for girls in India. In fact girls are considered as Household material by Indian males. Mary Kom dont give up and her ambition gets stronger and bigger when she decides to stand up against the male dominant Indian society. She decide to join a boxing club where the coach accepts to teach her skills after seeing her determination and hard work. Next cut scene shows her hard boxing training with dialogues in the background. The trailer is very impressive and totally gulps you in. Here is the HD trailer of Mary Kom.

Plot of Mary Kom

The film begin with a little girl in the village of Kangathei in Manipur. She is a rebel in male dominant society and always ends up fighting boys. She develops a soft heart towards boxing and find a coach in Narjit Singh. Together they embark journey of a successful boxer in Mary kom who wins three World championships. She fall in love with a football player and get married with him. This is where the real story begin. Mary Kom wants to return to boxing but its hard to repeat the dream success after becoming mother of two kids. Will Mary be able to win and relive her dream? The film continues on this question.

Mary Kom Review

The trailer of Mary Kom reminded me of MILLION DOLLAR BABY (starring Clint Eastwood and Hillary Swank). But sadly it was far away from the Hollywood classic. I have respect for Mary Kom and what i was expecting was to see the inner conflicts of a mother, of a boxer. The hard journey of a ex champion to once again claim whats her. But the director focused more on being extra dramatic and forgot to focus on the character.

Many people questioned if Priyanka was the right choice to play Mary Kom but the lady proved that she is still one of the finest actress in Bollywood. If only she was provided a more realistic plot she would have made Mary Kom the female Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Overall we will give 3 stars out of 5. The film is enjoyable but lets face it, it will be buried down soon under the huge pile of other successful Bollywood films.