Netflix announces Luke Cage Season 2 Release Date in 2017

Marvel’s Luke Cage has been the biggest hit on Netflix. Though the show did not get word of mouth advertisement like Stranger Things or Making a Murderer but according to a report more people watched Luke cage than Stranger Things or Making a Murderer.  Luke Cage Season 1 was a bumper hit and we already know that Marvel will return with Luke Cage Season 2. The big question is what Luke Cage Season 2 hold for the fans and what it will be about?

The agreement between Netflix and Marvel has resulted in huge profit for both companies. While Marvel found more exposed platform for its superhero TV shows, Netflix, on the other hand, opened its membership for countries like India and Pakistan. Netflix is already streaming Marvel’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones. However, Marvel’s Luke cage turned out to be the biggest superhero hit for the company. The viewership of Luke cage outnumbered Daredevil and Jessica Jones. We have already met Luke cage in Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones but no one expected that Luke cage will became the favorite superhero on Netflix.
Luke Cage Season 2 Release Date
Luke cage Season 1 was released on its entirety on 30 September 2016 on Netflix. The company noticed a sudden spike in the viewership of Luke cage upon release and it dropped down on 3 October 2016. Obviously this means millions of people binge watched Luke cage. The second season of Luke cage was a given as the superhero is now a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the big question was When Luke Cage Season 2 will air on Netflix?

We already know that Marvel has renewed Daredevil for Season 3 and Jessica Jones for season 2. Both TV series have entered into production stage for their next seasons. Luke cage will appear in Jessica Jones Season 2. As of now Marvel is focusing on Iron Fist, another superhero who is set to join his counterparts for the future TV show The Defenders. Iron Fist Season 1 will premiere on Netflix in March 2017. Luke cage is rumoured to have a minor appearance in this TV series.

Considering all these points we can only assume that Luke Cage Season 2 will not happen before Fall 2017. In fact it might be pushed back to early 2018. The second season of Luke cage will focus on Luke cage relationship with his half-brother Diamondback who also happens to be his arch-rival. If early rumours are to be believed than Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Daredevil will be featured in the second season of Luke Cage. This is to set up the future TV series The Defenders that sees the four superheroes team up together to fight crime. You can subscribe our newsletters to get latest updates about Marvel Superheroes TV shows directly to your inbox.