Jigarthanda (2014 Tamil Film)

Tamil film director Karthik Subbaraj has gained a quick fan following in a short period of time. His debut film Pizza (Horror, Thriller) got such rave reviews from critics that with in a year the film was remade in Hindi. Surprisingly even the Hindi version was loved by fans and Karthik become a known face. Karthik is back again with his second film Jigarthanda which is a musical crime film. The film stars Lakshmi Menon and Siddarth in lead roles along with Bobby Simha. Jigarthanda is also released in Telugu with Title Chikadu Dorakadu.

Director – Karthik Subbaraj
Star Cast – Lakshmi Menon, Siddharth
Screenplay Writer – Karthik
Run-Time – 126 Minutes
Release Date – 1st August 2014
Genre – Crime | Romance | Musical
FilmSchoolWTF Rating – 3.5 Out of 5

Plot of Jigarthanda

Jigarthanda follows the tale of Suraj (played by Siddharth) who wants to make his career in the film industry. Suraj is a honest boy with keen interest in music too. However, his life takes turn when he meets Kanamma (Lakshmi Menon) a young idli seller. The two soon falls in love but little do they know is that this love is not so easy. Suraj comes to know that a powerful mafia is also after and Kanamma and wants to marry her. Will Suraj be able to fight back and win his love?

Here is the Poster of Jigarthanda:

Jigarthanda Poster

Trailer of Jigarthanda

Songs of Jigarthanda

The music of Jigarthanda is composed by Santhosh Narayanan. There are total 9 songs in the soundtrack of Jigarthanda. The music of the film was released by Think Music Company on 3rd March 2014. Here is the track list of all the songs Jigarthanda:

1. Kanamma by Andony Dasan, Rita
2. Ding Dong by Mose feat. Arun Raja
3. Baby by Santhosh
4. Pandinatu Kodi by Andony Dasan
5. Jigar by Pradeep
6. Desayum Izhandene by Santhosh feat Meenakshi
7. Thanda
8. Ottam by Sandy’s Band
9. Hoo Haa by Sathosh and Sean Roldan

Review of Tamil Film Jigarthanda

Jigarthanda was included in the list of most anticipated tamil films of 2014. Not only Indian critics but the film won attention of renowned Business magazine Forbes. Siddharth has done a brilliant job in the film. He won the heart of fans and was the real show stealer. Bobby Simha once again proved that how good method actor he is. Lakshmi menon was also gorgeous in her role. Karthik must be praised for making a good film.