Rob Thomas Confirms iZombie Season 4, Plot Details and Release Date

CW’s horror comedy TV series iZombie concluded its third season on June 27, 2017. iZombie Season 3 was not able to maintain its viewership as compared to the previous two seasons. However the third season of iZombie was given a better rating by critics thus giving the series more space to experiment. As iZombie season 3 left us on a cliff hanger so it is obvious that iZombie Season 4 will happen but the exact release date of fourth season of iZombie is yet to be revealed. Here we discuss about the possible plot and premiere date of iZombie season 4 and what else can we expect from it?

First of all we want to update our readers that The CW has finally renewed iZombie for a fourth season and as it is a midseason TV series so we can expect iZombie season 4 release date somewhere around mid 2018.
Rob Thomas (creator of the show) sat down with and gave an interview on what season 4 of iZombie will be about. In the finale of third season we saw our favourite morgue attendant Liv Moore convincing Johnny Frost (Daran Norris) to break the news of a Zombie infected world. This came as a shock to many but surely it will give a new arc to the TV series.
iZombie Season 4 release date
The announcement also came as a shock to Chase graves who was trying to infect the city of Seattle with zombie virus. Liv’s good friend and confidant Dr. Ravi came up with a vaccine that can solve the zombie problem. However he suggests testing it upon himself. His fate remains unknown and we will get to see what happens to him in Season 4.

Plot of iZombie Season 4

Rob Thomas stated that there will be a shortage of brain supply in Seattle in season 4 and thus breaking an outrage among team zombie. Also the fourth season will explore the corruption in government and how resources are just kept by the upper classes and powerful people. Rob also revealed that Prison break fame Robert Knepper will be a series regular from Season 4 onwards.

The CW approached Rob Thomas in 2014 with the idea of a zombie comedy TV series which was based on DC comic book of same name penned by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. However Rob has his own ideas of a Zombie series which he put to shelf after he saw the success of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Rob became more interested in iZombie and he accepted the offer of Warner Bros. iZombie premiered on Television in March 2015. It met critical acclaim but the viewership declined from 2 million to barely 800 thousand by the end of season 3.

iZombie Season 4 Release Date

However The CW kept their faith in iZombie primarily due the positive feedback and the dedicated fan following of the show. The show also created an internet phenomenon of Team Human and Team Zombie. Rob said in his interview that iZombie season 4 will be approx. 15 episode long and it will premiere in mid 2018. We will update this page with the exact release date of iZombie season 4.