Iron Man 4 – 6 Reasons On Why Marvel Should Produce It?

Iron Man 4 Should Happen

Marvel Studios has announced release date of a dozens of movies in its phase 3 (and rumored phase 4). But sadly there was no Iron Man sequel in it. Although many fans comment that Iron man series should end to a trilogy only and Iron Man 3 was the perfect ending of Iron Man series. Marvel studios also gave similar reasons for not continuing the Iron Man series after Iron Man 3. But there are many reasons why Iron Man 4 should happen. Here are 6 major reasons that will make you think why Iron Man 4 is must for Marvel Studios:

6. Iron Man is the Most Profitable Solo Superhero Film in MCU

Ever since its debut in 2008, Iron Man has turned out to be the Golden boy of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man trilogy has collectively grossed $2.4 billion (approx) at box office. This feat is only matched by Sam Raimi’s Original Spider-Man trilogy. The second most profitable Solo Superhero film other than Iron Man is Captain American followed by Thor and Ant-Man. Lets not forget that Iron Man 3 grossed $ 1.2 billion at box office and is one of the highest grossing film of all time.

Iron Man 4

5. Marvel has Planned Movies till 2028 (Divided in several phases)

In 2015, Marvel Studios confirmed that they have movies planned till 2028. Phase 2 ended with 2015 movie Ant-Man and Phase 3 starts with Captain America: Civil War. Its hard to imagine that they will continue for next 14 years without Iron Man.

4. Phase 3 Without Iron Man would not be Appealing

Yes Yes Iron Man is there in Phase 3. He is playing second lead in Captain America: Civil war and will be seen in Avengers Infinity War. But unlike other superheroes he wont be having any solo film. Captain America and Thor both would be seen in solo films in Phase 3 but there would be no Iron Man solo film. Do you think it sounds interesting?

3. Robert Downey Jr. Extended Contact With Marvel

Just when we thought that Marvel will be out of ideas after Iron Man 3, The studios announced big plans with a list of future films. One of the most anticipated future film among them was Captain America: Civil war. Fans of Comic book knows ‘Civil War’ as the story line where Iron Man becomes villain for the first time. Marvel revealed that it was Robert Downey Jr. who made phase 3 possible. After all the story line wouldn’t be possible without him. RDJ signed an extended contract with Marvel in 2014. If Marvel is going to use iron man in its future projects then it would make a lot sense for a fourth Iron Man film. After all Marvel should capitalize on Robert Downey Jr. while he still have a huge fan following and world attraction.

2. Iron Man (and Robert Downey Jr.) is the Face of MCU

It was Iron Man who kick started the Marvel Cinematic universe back in 2008. It was Robert Downey Jr.’s eccentric performance that made him the poster boy of Marvel Cinematic universe. It wouldn’t be ideal to continue without your poster boy. An Iron Man 4 film is MUST.


Now if any of the above reasons doesn’t mean much to Marvel then it should surely accept this solo reason to go for a fourth iron man film. Marvel Studios had made billions of dollars this decade – Thanks to the fans world wide. One should not forget the reason of its success. Marvel should listen to its fans and should start working on the project as soon as possible.

You be the judge and decide if Iron Man 4 should happen or it. Comment below and lets shout out loud so that Marvel listen to us.