I am Number Four 2 – The Power of Six – 4 Reasons It Should Happen

Will we See a Sequel of I am Number Four

Back in 2011 when I am Number Four was released then it was already assumed that Walt Disney Pictures is already going for a full fledged series. The reason was obvious – I am Number Four was based on the popular Young-Adult novel of the same name by Pittacus Lore. Pittacus Lore was actually the pseudonym adapted by the team of James Frey and Jobie Hughes. The novel met high critical acclaim and was a global hit. I am Number Four (Published in 2010) was the first in the Lorien Legacies series and saw a release of total five books. All were successful and so it was assumed that Disney is actually looking for a successful Young-Adult series that overpass the success of Twilight.

However it Never happened. The performance of I am Number Four at box office was not as expected by the studios. The film was made with a budget of little over $50 million and grossed only $149 Million world wide. This might be a big amount of sum for many directors and producers but for Disney this amount is an average budget of their high tech films.

I am number four failed to impress critics as well as audience so I am Number Four 2 (or The Power of Six) never happened. Infact Screenwriter Marti Nixon even went on to say that a sequel will never happen as everyone involved in the project was disappointed by the performance of the film.

I am Number Four Sequel

However there has been a lot of rumors circulating around internet that a sequel to I Am Number Four must happen.

  1. Even though critics disapproved I am Number Four yet the performance of Teresa Palmer as Number Six was praised. So this might motivate the studios as the sequel mainly focuses on number six.
  2. I am Number Four only showed Number 6 and Number 4. The characters of Number 5 and Number 9 were yet to be introduced. As two novels focuses on these two characters so the studios should re-think about the Sequel. Roping in a Popular Teen actor/actress in the vacant role will surely help the series.
  3. The DVD sales of I am Number Four were good enough for the company to rethink about the sequel. Alex Pettyfer who played titular role in I am Number Four has also showed a keen interest in returning back as the alien John Smith.
  4. Even though Disney consider it a major commercial failure. Yet it must think about the profit/investment ratio. The budget was only $50 million and the film grossed thrice of the invested amount. So it was not a complete failure after all.

What you fan says? Do you think The Power of Six Should Happen? Why and Why Not?