Netflix to Renew House of Cards for Season 6 with Summer 2018 Premiere Date

Season 5 of House of Cards was well received by fans as the finale was one of the most intriguing episodes of the series. Claire Underwood has become the new president of United States and as if that was not enough, she shook fans by breaking the fourth wall and delivering the now famous dialogue – ‘MY TURN’. So what can we expect from Season 6 of House of Cards. First of all we really want Netflix to make an official announcement about the renewal of the series. They surely don’t want the backlash of fans that they received after cancelling Sens8.

The Show runners of House of Cards, Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson, are very well aware about that. They recently appeared in an online interview where they openly discussed about the possible future of House of Cards.

Frank and Melissa agreed that they are very much positive about the return of House of cards with sixth season. But how it would be like under the presidency of Claire Underwood (Robin Wright)? Claire definitely has become more ambitious. She showed that she can cross any limit just to be in power and for this she even murdered her lover Thomas Yates. She broke the fourth wall once again in the finale and made clear that she is there to stay. Claire is POTUS now but what will Frank do to reclaim the power he is so addicted to?
House of Cards Season 6
This is where the series gets interesting as the show runners have given certain hints that the character of Frank Underwood is now more and more related to Donald Trump. The official twitter handle of House of Cards was already in news recently when it criticized Trump’s decision of dismissing FBI director James Comey.

Frank (Kevin Spacey) who stepped down from his chair to avoid getting caught for the murder of Zoe Barnes is surely looking for ways to get back in to the White House. Claire promised to pardon her husband Frank for the murder but will she really keep her promise? What will happen to their marriage? One thing is for sure that if Claire doesn’t keep a check on Frank then he will bounce back and reclaim her presidency.

Another big cliff-hanger left by Season 5 was the death of Leann. Is she really dead or did she survived the horrific crash? Viewers were not shown the dead body so it is safe to assume that there are still chances that her character will be brought back.

Both Gibson and Pugliesse has stated that if Season 6 happens that it will be beyond just presidency and it will be the first time when Frank will be shown powerless.

House of Cards Season 6 Premiere Date

So the final big question is when Netflix will official announce about the return of House of Cards. Season 1 to 3 of House of cards aired in February while season 4 aired in March and season 5 premiered in May 2017. So can we assume that Season 6 of House of Cards will premiere in summer of 2018. Also how far the series will go because let’s face it every good thing has to end one way or another. On this Gibson commented that they have story to tell that can need even one more season (7 season) but it is very much possible that House of Cards Season 6 will be the final season of the series.