Homeland Season 6 Release Date and Plot Details Revealed

Homeland Season 6 Premiere Date

When will Homeland Season 6 premiere? This was question on everyone’s mind when season 5 ended. Homeland season 5 ended up on a high note. This made it obvious that the TV series will return for Season 6. Homeland official twitter handle announced that Homeland season 6 will premiere on 15th January 2017. The political thriller series was not so popular during season 1 (back in 2011). However with each season Homeland TV series improved and is currently cited as one of the best TV series.

HomeLand Season 6 Plot Details
Now that the official release date of Homeland season 6 is announced, we will take a look on the plot details of Homeland season 6. Homeland season 5 ended with ex-CIA officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) preventing the city of Berlin (Germany) from a terrorist attack. As we know that the gripping finale of Homeland season 5 was rated as the best in the TV series. It increased our hopes and expectations for Homeland Season 6.

Air Date of Homeland Season 6

Homeland season 6 is said to set a year after the events of Berlin. This makes sense because Homeland Season 5 finale and Homeland Season 6 premiere will have a gap of more than one year. Homeland season 5 ended on 20th December 2015, whereas Homeland Season 6 premiere date is 15 January 2017. Another smart decision taken by Fox 21 TV studios was to set Season 6 of Homeland with the backdrop of Presidential election. This will make a perfect synchronization with the real world events. In Homeland Season 6, Carrie will return back from Germany to United States. She will be living a low life while working for a non-profit organization. The main motive of this organization is to help Muslims settle in United States. The plot details are impressive as terrorism is often blamed on a specific religion. It will be interesting to see how Homeland season 6 will deal with the religious beliefs, politics and terrorism in the country. It has been officially announced that the events of Homeland season 6 will take place in between Election Day and inauguration day.

Could Homeland Season 6 justify and expose the real reason of terrorism? Could it be able to justify that religion and terrorism are two separate things? The plot of Homeland season 6 looks promising.

Homeland Season 6

If you take a look on Homeland tv series ratings than you will get to know that it is one of the highest rated crime drama show on television. In fact Homeland made Claire Danes a global celebrity. Homeland first aired on October 2011 and since then has gained a cult fan following. If we go for the metacritics rating of Homeland we will see that each season of Homeland tv series has managed to get at least 74 ratings out of 100. Rotten Tomatoes gives a 90% fresh rating to the Homeland TV Series. Users of Popular website IMDB has given rating of 8.4 for the Homeland TV series. These reasons are enough to tell why people want to know about the start date of Homeland Season 6.

Update on Homeland Season 6
So the update that came our way about Homeland season 6 is that the series is also renewed for a season 7 and season 8. This shows that FOX 21 TV studios are keeping a faith in the Homeland TV series.

Another Update on Homeland Season 6 is that Carrie will have a new partner. Dominic Fumusa will join the Homeland season 6 casts in the role of Ray Conlin (FBI Agent). As Homeland Season 6 is set with presidential election backdrop so it is obvious that we will see a new president in Homeland season 6. Actress Elizabeth Marvel will play the role of Elizabeth Keane who is the newly elected president of United States.

Another reason to get excited for Homeland Season 6 release is that it features Iran Nuclear deal. This means that the ‘Islamophobia’ and Nuclear war will be explored in the tv show.

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