Netflix Renewed Haters Back Off For Season 2

Do you think that Netflix should return with Haters Back Off Season 2? Do you like Miranda Sings? Are you one of her Youtube subscribers? Haters Back off was like a fresh air when it premiered on Netflix but after binge-watching the whole show you might ask the creators to stop. Of course for this you will get the traditional catch phrase from Miranda Sings but frankly it was not as good as her youtube videos. Here we take a look Haters Back Off Season 1 and the possibility of a second season of Haters Back Off.

First of all, it is worth mentioning (and celebrating) that a common youtuber was able to make it to the big leagues and starred in her own TV show. Colleen Ballinger has never ever thought in her wildest dreams that her character Mirands Sings will get so popular that she will be able to get a TV deal. Miranda Sings is a very popular youtube channel and if you never heard about it then you should probably check out her videos because they are more entertaining. Miranda Sings has around 7.3 million subscribers and her videos are watched around 2 billion times. But this not just it, after her video went viral in 2009 she became a regular performer and has performed in many live shows. Impressed from her success, the Ballinger siblings decided to cash the popularity into a TV series. Netflix was the right platform for it as Netflix is known for producing offbeat and challenging TV series.
Haters Back Off Season 2 Release Date
Netflix and Colleen came to an agreement in 2015 and Netflix finally announced that it is producing Haters Back Off Season 1 starring Miranda sings. Colleen clarified that the show will not entirely focus on Miranda sings but instead will follow her normal day to day life along with her family. The star cast of Haters Back off was joined by Angela Kinsey and Erik Stocklin. Haters Back Off Season 1 was released on its entirety on 14 October 2016 on Netflix. The show received mixed to negative reviews and most critics panned the show. Many cited the reason that Miranda is irritating character on the show.

Haters Back Off follows Miranda Sings an obnoxious youtuber who believes that she was born to be famous and trend setter. Miranda considers herself an excellent singer and she often uploads her videos on youtube.

Looking at ratings of the season one might consider that Haters Back Off won’t return for Season 2. But Miranda Sings has a good fan following and most people were touched by the emotional ending of Season 1. Moreover Miranda sings herself uploaded a video on Youtube where she stated that she would love to do a second season. So we will update this page when Netflix announces about its plan for Haters back off season 2 and the possible release date.

UPDATE – In January 2017, Netflix announced that it gave green chit to Haters Back Off Season 2 and a possible release date is near Fall 2017.