Godzilla (2014) Review – Godzilla Gets better in 16 years

Review of Gareth Edwards Monster flick Godzilla

Finally the much awaited monster movie is out and we gets our hands on the early review of Godzilla 2014. Godzilla has been in news since the past decade. There were rumors that there will be a remake of the legendary monster flick but it was not until 2011 that Legendary pictures confirmed that they are actually planning for a Godzilla remake. Legendary Pictures chose british film director Gareth Edwards as the new director of the remake. Its obvious that Gareth was chosen because he is known for producing high quality sci fi movie at a very tight budget. His directorial debut film Monsters is a good example of how he can take together ‘cheap’ and quality.

Godzilla Director? Gareth Edwards
Godzilla Star Cast? Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Wantabe
Godzilla Screenplay? Max Borenstein
Godzilla Run-Time? 123 Minutes
Godzilla Genre? Horror, Sci Fi
Our Rating? 3.5/5

Godzilla cast was joined by Ken Wantabe, Bryan cranston, Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. When the trailer was released it got much positive reviews with just one downside that the monster itself was shown for a micro second on the screen. The monstrous lizard that every one loves since the past 60 years made fan awe on its early screenings too. Though the early reviews of the films were mixed yet everyone was agreeing on one point that Godzilla does got better in 16 years.

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The main criticism that Godzilla (2014) faced is that it lacked human characters. Thats quiet an ironical statement to make because its a monster flick. Its not that there is lots of Godzilla in the flick. In fact you will not see the monster for say one hour or so. Til then you will be bored rather annoyed from the slow build up.

Godzilla Plot:
The film opens with the introduction of Joe and Sandra (played by Bryan Cranston and Juliette Binoche) who work together at a Japanese nuclear power plant. Sandra dies due to Nuclear blast at the power plant whose root cause is unknown.

Then the film skips to 15 years later and we see Joe’s son Ford happily married to Elle. Ford is in Army and Elle is a Nurse. Ford gets news of his father being arrested in Japan. Ford flies to Japan to set everything straight. When he visits his father Joe in Japan he comes to know that there is a big secret everyone is hiding. His father tells that the reason of blast at nuclear plant was because of -> MONSTERS. I bet you were expecting it to be Godzilla but its not. There are other monsters in this film which are called as MUTOs.

Enters in the scene is Godzilla facing monsters. Just when we were expecting a combat between the two,Edwards uses a cut away and shows us the after affect of the massive battle which resulted in piles of waste. Edwards was appreciated for making a good monster flick ‘Monsters’ at a tight budget of $300K but Godzilla on the other hand had a pretty good budget of $160 Million. Looks like Edwards did quiet a research on Steven Spielberg’s Jaws and Jurassic Park. However he was not successful to implement the same slow but engaging build in Godzilla.

The Good:Though the film is on a down side for more than half the running time but the climax makes up for the whole film. The climax did saved the film and you wont be disappointed when you go home. Edwards wisely used the camera in the climax scene and made it really worth watching. The epic brawl of Godzilla is the must watch scene of the film.

The Bad: A 350 feet heavy lizard won’t scare us until and unless we get the human factor. Sadly Godzila lacks the human factor. The only strong character build up was of Joe (Bryan Cranston) but he was not the lead. Only if more dimension and depth was given to the character of Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor Johnson) the film would have been a much much better watch. Same goes for Elle who was sadly used just as a female filler in the film. The estranged father-son relationship of Joe and Ford could have been explored more. Ford was lead but he was lacking action. All he had to his part was reaction which is not what we want to see in a hero.

Verdict: Though Godzilla lacks human factor yet it will manage to do good business at box office. A gross revenue of $400 to $500 Million is what i expect from Godzilla.