Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6 Review – The Laws of Gods and Men

Review of The Laws of Gods and Men


The Episode 6 of Season 4 Of Games of Thrones shows that how courtroom drama can make an exciting and entertaining plot. ‘The Laws Of Gods and Men’ begin with the announcement that Tyrion trial will be held in afternoon. Audience were expecting the justice to Tyrion in this episode but if that would have happened without any shock or surprise then it wouldn’t have been a great Game of Thrones Episode. Would It? Tyrion was actually hoping that someone in the courtroom would stand for him at least King Tommen – but sadly Tommen excused himself before the trial could begin. This left Tywin, Lord Mace Tyrell and Oberyn Martell as Judges.

As Tyrion Trial begins, he realizes that he hasn’t got any friend or savior in the courtroom. Every witness entering the courtroom accused Tyrion not only for the crime but also for the remarks that Tyrion made to them in past. Ser Myrn who came first told jury that Tyrion never liked Joffrey and made fun of him publicly. Cersei and Maester Pycelle too stands against Tyrion. Even Lord Varys comes against Tyrion. Varys has his own deeds to hide and it was a fair move from him. The trial got real nerve twisting when after the break the courtroom ordered surprise witness Shae to come out. Shae pleaded in the court that Tyrion should be executed as he and Sansa were planning long for Joffery’s murder. Sansa wanted to take revenge of her mother, father and brother death and Tyrion did it. She also shocks the court by telling Tyrion’s $exual desires making everyone uncomfortable.

Tyrion realizes that the decision of the trial was long made before it begin and he will be executed. Tyrion stands up in court and makes a ‘confession’. Tyrion says that though he wished to kill Joffrey but he didn’t. He lashes out on everyone saying that he would have let Stannis kill them all. In the end Tyrion demands for a fair trial – Trial By Combat. This was a good move by the writers of Game of Thrones as it will further deepens the plot and keep the audience tied on couch.

In Braavos Stannis and Ser Davos ask for financial help from Tycho Nestoris who refuses calling Stannis a theif. This led Ser Davos to give a impressive speech on the achievements of Stannis. He tells Tycho that Stannis only transported stolen goods. He added that though Tywin is a great king but he is aging and Braavos should opt for a more powerful candidate who is none other than Stannis. Impressed from Davos speech Tycho agrees to help Stannis.

Yara Greyjoy’s mission to rescue her brother Theon from Ramsay Snow takes a new turn when Theon turns himself against Yara. Ramsay releases his hounds on Yara and her iron-born army. Shocked and disappointed Yara flees with her men. Impressed from the loyalty of Theon/Reek, Ramsay rewards him. He instruct him further to continue his persona as he would need him in future.

Daenery’s finds out that its not easy to rule a throne as one of her dragon kills a goatherd. Though she promises to pays the farmer thrice the damage he had yet the situation makes her uneasy and in-confident.

The Laws of Gods and Men ends with Tyrion asking for Trial for Combat. His trial will continue in the next episode ‘Mockingbird’. Overall This episode neatly tied up the elements and kept the ironborn and Stannis in race too. Lets see what we are served with in the next episode.