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Gambit (2016 Film)

When Every film studio from Disney to Marvel to DC and Warner Bros is capitalizing on the booming superhero genre then it was hard for Twentieth Centuries Fox to ignore the stats. After all the studio has bought the rights of ‘X-Men’ from Marvel studios and to say that X-Men can have its own cinematic universe won’t be exaggeration. Fans pleaded for a solo Wolverine film and we got it finally in 2009. It was not just a Wolverine film but it focused on other popular mutants too including Deadpool, Cyclops and Gambit. Of course Fans wanted to see more of them. After years of wait finally we are going to see a Deadpool film in 2016. But that’s not it Fox Studios is very much interested in bringing up its own X-men universe and we are going to see another mutant solo film -Gambit.

Die hard comic book fans know that how popular Gambit became in the early 90s, thanks to his role in the animated x-men TV series. The unique cujan accent of Gambit was enough to melt the heart of fans. Finally the Gambit movie is happening and here is every detail about the film:

Gambit Movie

Who is Director of Gambit movie?

As of now Fox Studios has not assigned the role to any director. The script of Gambit however is written by Chris Claremont.

Cast of Gambit Movie

As soon as the Gambit Movie announced fox made it clear that Taylor Kitsch won’t be reprising the role for the Gambit movie. After all he was unable to impress fans from his acting in the X-Men Origins Wolverine. Fans were desperate to hear the cujan accent of Gambit but he was not able to deliver it. In May 2014 it was announced that Channing Tatum would be attached to the project and he will be playing the superhero Gambit/Remy Lebeau.

Gambit has the superpower to control Potential energy and kinetic energy. He can charge up things with his touch and then can explode them on his wish. This superpower makes him very dangerous. Gambit however is a womanizer and he loves to take care of himself. Channing Tatum surely fits in this scenario.

Release Date of Gambit

The solo Gambit film will be released on 7th October 2016. It is rumored that the Channing Tatum will make his debut as Gambit in the highly anticipated sequel X-Men Apocalypse. Ryan Reynolds will also be seen in the film as Deadpool.