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Frozen 2 Wiki

Producing a Commercially Successful and critically acclaimed film is a tough task. Such films are rare. Disney’s 2013 animated film Frozen was one such rare film. The film not only won heart of millions of kids around the world but also became highest grossing animated film of all time. Ever since Frozen 2 grossed $1.2 billion at box office and won Oscar, a sequel got inevitable. Frozen 2 was rumored to be in talks since 2013. Now that Frozen short film Frozen fever also was well received by fans, it ensures that fans are fully invested into the Frozen World. Here is all that we know about the much anticipated sequel Frozen 2:

Frozen 2 Director

In March 2015, Jennifer Lee, Co-director of original film confirmed that Frozen 2 is going to happen. It is pretty much clear that Disney doesn’t want to fool around and will keep the same directors. Frozen was directed duo of Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. The screenplay was penned by Jennifer Lee. As of now Disney has confirmed that the duo has already have a story in mind for Frozen 2. The studio also commented that Lee have a ending in mind and the whole film will be based on events that will come to that ending. Of course Lee is following basic strategy of screenplay writing.

Frozen 2 Cast

When you have a billion dollar film in hand and eye on a multi-million dollar franchise its very rare (and idiotic) to take a risk and go in different direction. Disney knows that fans are very much invested into Frozen characters from Snow queen Elsa to her sister Anna and even Snow man Olaf. The sequel will follow on Elsa and Anna of course and all the major characters of Frozen will return. Kristen Bell (who voiced Anna) and singer Idina Menzel (who voiced snow queen Elsa) will return for Frozen 2. Kristen Bell even confirmed it on twitter. As of now no new actor is added to the cast. Olaf (Josh Gad) and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff ) will also return in sequel.

Frozen 2

Frozen 2 Story

The plot and story of Frozen 2 is still under wraps. However at comic con 2015, Disney studios confirmed that the story will follow the success lines of original films. The main motive of film will be to send a powerful positive message to the younger audience in a very light and entertaining way. The studio CEO rather commented that they are looking for Quality not quantity. Rumor has it that Frozen 2 will focus once again on the relationship of Sisters Anna and Elsa. There might be a love story involved but the main focus will be on humanity, courage and forgiveness.

Frozen 2 Release Date

Now this is the biggest question that is in the mind of almost every other kid in the world. Of course every fan wants to know when is Frozen 2 coming out to theaters? But as of now Frozen 2 is a long way. Disney has other animated films in its bag and the studio is already busy til 2018. If it is quality they intent to deliver then most probably the film will not see the light of the day til 2018. It is debatable whether Disney should keep fans waiting for that long?

In the world of multi-verse cinema, Frozen became a cult-classic. It shows that how big hit Frozen was. Not only the film performed well at box office but it also established a best-selling toy line. Frozen 2 will be blockbuster no doubt. We hope it comes as early as possible. We will update this page as soon as we know more about Frozen 2.