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Fast and Furious 8 Wiki

Fast and Furious series turned out to be one of the most profitable film series of all time. Back in 2001 when the first fast and furious film was released no body thought that it would become such a huge blockbuster. However, working against the odds, Dominic and his crew entered in the list of highest grossing movie franchise. The last part Furious 7 turned out to be the highest grossing film in the series and also entered the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time. It was already revealed by Vin diesel back in 2013 that Fast and Furious 7,8 and 9 would be set up a new trilogy. However the tragic death of Paul walker raised a lot of questions. At one point fnas even thought that the series might not even make it to the 7th film. With this tragic loss, the film’s cast and crew put all the future plans on hold. The whole crew focused on Furious 7 and it turned out to be a mega-blockbuster.

At comic con 2015, Vin diesel confirmed that Fast and Furious 8 is in plan and completing the trilogy would be perfect tribute to Paul. It is hard to even imagine Fast and Furious world without Paul walker. He was the life of film and now that he is no more among us, it would be a real emotional challenge to work without him.

Here is all that we know about Fast and Furious 8:

Fast and Furious 8 Director

As of now it is the biggest question that who will be directing fast and Furious 8. Would it be Justin Lin who brought the series back to life with Fast and Furious 4,5 and 6 or would it be James wan who directed the very emotional and epic 7th film. While James wan could be roped in for Furious 8 – Fans would support Justin Lin more. After all it was Lin who brought the Furious series on a global level.

Fast and Furious 8 Cast

Fast and Furious 8
The tragic loss of Paul Walker would affect a lot to franchise. It is almost impossible to continue film without him. The ending of Furious 7 was heart touching and fans were emotionally touched (and a bit relieved) to know that Paul’s character is alive in the Fast and Furious world. Vin diesel and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) are arguably the lead of future fast and furious films. Kurt Russel and Jason Statham would be playing pivotal role in Fast and Furious 8. Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez and Ludacris would be co-starring in Fast and Furious 8. It would be challenging for director to keep character Jordana Brewster away from Fast and Furious 8. She might also join the cast. Rumors are that Eve Mendes, Ronda Rousey and Lucas Black would return to the series.

Fast and Furious 8 Story

The Official plot of Fast and Furious 8 is yet to be released. However if rumors are to be believed then it would focus more on Dominic crew working against Mr Nobody (Kurt Russell). Jason Statham will once again be arch enemy of the crew along with his brother Owen Shaw (Luke Evans).

Fast and Furious 8 Release Date

Vin Diesel gave an emotional speech during a recent public appearance. In comic con he even said that Furious 7 was for Paul and Fast and Furious 8 would be from Paul. That is very emotional statement. Fast and Furious 8 release date is rumored to be 14th April 2017.

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