Doctor Strange Movie Wiki, Cast, Plot and Release Date

Doctor Strange Movie

Doctor Strange has been a key character of The Avengers Team (In Comics) so it was obvious that Marvel was going to introduce the character at one point or another in its Marvel Cinematic Universe. Earlier Doctor strange was going to be part of Phase II of Marvel Cinematic Universe but due to incomplete scripts and several disputes within the Marvel studios the eccentric superhero never made it to the big screen. However Marvel’s Head Kevin Fiege was determined to bring Doctor Strange to the MCU and by 2014 it was clear that script for Doctor Strange is complete and now all they want is a director and an actor. Rumor has it that Doctor Strange will be showed in Captain America Civil War and he has a very pivotal role in The Avengers Infinity War. This all makes sense as in Phase III we are expected to see a whole new team of Avengers along with few older ones. Here is everything that you need to know about Doctor Strange movie:

Who Will Direct Doctor Strange?

Marvel was looking for the director of Doctor Strange since 2010. Earlier the front runners were Mark Andrews (Pixar’s famous advisory) and Jonathan Levine (Director of Warm Bodies and 50/50). However the project was delayed a lot and the respected directors stepped away. By 2014, Marvel got serious about the character and finally showed faith in ‘Sinister’ fame Scott Derrickson to direct Doctor Strange. Scott Direckson was also director of the 2008 infamous sci fi film The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Cast of Doctor Strange

As the name suggest, Doctor Strange is a strange and Fancy character. Of course only a fancy actor could do judgement with such character. Fans were Desperate to see Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange but Marvel was probably not impressed from the actor’s later roles and films that bombed at box office. After that Joaquin Phoenix was in the lead to play the character but somehow it didn’t worked out. Kevin Fiege openly said that he wanted British actor Benedict Cumberbatch to play the role but there were Scheduling conflicts. Interestingly Marvel adjusted with the release of Doctor Strange so that the British Actor could easily work on the project. In December 2014, it was finalized that Benedict Cumberbatch will actually play Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange Movie

Martin Freeman who has worked with Benedict Cumberbatch on the popular TV series Sherlock and The Hobbit trilogy is expected to join his good friend in this film too. What role he will play is still unknown. 12 Years a Slave fame Chiwetel Ejiofor is also rumored to have joined the cast. The role of Ancient One is rumored to land into the hands of Morgan Freeman. Other rumored actors to play the role are Ken Wantabe and Bill Nighty.

Plot of Doctor Strange

Marvel studios might do an experiment with Doctor Strange. As Marvel is focusing more on its full fledged universe so it already have hinted that showing origin stories of each and every character will make it a lengthy and boring task. This means that we might not see an Origin Story of Doctor Strange. He might just pop in into the Marvel Universe. After all he is the Sorcerer’s Supreme.

Release Date of Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is expected to Release on 4th November 2016. It is rumored that Doctor Strange might also be introduced in the Captain America Civil War film before having his own solo film.