DeadPool Movie Wiki, Cast, Plot and Release Date

Deadpool (2016 Film)

What you get when you mix Tony Stark’s Sarcasm, James “Logan” Howlett’s No Non Sense attitude and Peter Parker’s sense of Humor, You Get DEADPOOL. Just when all the fans around the world though that Marvel comics has shown all its cards and we are already over fed with superheroes, They came up with Deadpool. Back in 1991, Deadpool made its debut in Marvel Universe as a super villain. However the character was a lot different from other heroes and villains. Deadpool had a twisted sense of humor which equally funny and dark. Deadpool was liked for breaking the fourth wall (i.e. He talked directly to the comic book readers). He was cool and very likable guy. In 2009 Marvel studios though to cash in the character and they introduced him in the Wolverine movie. However we didn’t get to see the same Wade Wilson (Deadpool) in the film who is known for his dark humor. Instead, we saw a mouth sewed Deadpool who is not even wearing his popular costume. Even after this the film met positive reviews and fan desperately asked for a solo Deadpool movie. In 2014, fans rallied in the support of Ryan Reynolds to return as the Deadpool in the solo film. There was even a test footage leaked online where Ryan Renolds donned the famous red suit of Deadpool. After hearings lot of pleas of fans Marvel studios finally announced to release a solo Deadpool film. Here is everything that you need to know about the Deadpool movie:

Test Footage of Deadpool film Starring Ryan Renolds

Here is the leaked test footage of Deadpool just have a look on it and find out why everyone likes Deadpool:

Who is the Director of Deadpool Movie

Fans are waiting for a Deadpool movie since 2009 and Marvel even promised of a solo Deadpool film. Earlier in 2011 it was rumored that Marvel has roped in Mexican director Robert Rodriguez to direct the film but the project never started. After years of waiting Marvel finally showed its serious concern for a solo Deadpool film and they signed up Tim Miller to direct the film. Tim will make his directorial debut with Deadpool.

Cast of Deadpool Movie

Ryan Reynolds looked good as Wade Wilson in the 2009 Wolverine film. He was totally into the character in the leaked test footage. Brazilian actress Morena Baccarin will play the role of Copycat in Deadpool film. Handsome Hunk Ed Skrein will play the role of Ajax/Francis. Actor TJ Miller will play the role of Weasel, sidekick of Deadpool. MMA Fighter Gina Carano will play another mutant Angel Dust.

Plot of Deadpool Film

There are many conflicting rumors about the Deadpool plot. Back in 2010, fans were considering that Deadpool solo film will start right after the events of X-Men Wolverine Origins. But recent rumors suggest that Marvel might give a new shape to the character and a new origin story. As of now the official Plot states that Mercenary Wade Wilson loses all his sanity and gain superpowers after being subjected to inhuman experiments. His code name Deadpool becomes his new identity and he seeks revenge from the organization involved in such experiments.

Release Date of Deadpool Movie

Deadpool is schedule to release on 12th February 2016.

First Look of Deadpool Film

Ryan Reynolds is very much into his character of Deadpool. Just like Deadpool he loves connecting with his fans. He often shares on set photos of Deadpool. Here have a look:

Ryan reynolds really touched our hearts when he shared these two beautiful pictures:

The kid here is Tony Acevedo who is suffering from Hodgkin’s Disease. Thanks to Make-A-Wish foundation that he was able to visit the sets of one of the most anticipated films. Tony had a good time with Ryan and he really enjoyed his time there. Thank You Deadpool.