Crashing Season 2 Cancelled by Big Talk productions

UK TV Series Crashing was called as rip-off of classic sitcom FRIENDS but Season 1 of Crashing proved that it is much more than that. Crashing ended in February 2016 but since then there is no update about possible Crashing Season 2. Most fans are wondering on whether Channel 4 will renew Crashing for a second season or will the comedy drama show get cancelled. Here we discuss the future of British comedy series ‘Crashing’ and the possibility of Crashing Season 2.

The concept of Crashing came into mind of writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge who pitched the idea to network Channel 4. Production Company Big talk Production and network Channel 4 liked the idea of Crashing. They ordered a six episode season of Crashing in 2015. Crashing debuted on TV on 11 January 2016 and it was able to get near about 720K viewers. Due to the comic timing and chemistry between actors, the show received positive reviews from both fans and critics. Phoebe who wrote the show also stars as the central character of Louise. Apart from Phoebe the star cast of Crashing was joined by Jonathan Bailey who proved his acting prowess as in BBC TV series Leonardo Da Vinci. Adrian Scarborough and Damien also play the pivotal roles in the film series. ‘Crashing’ holds above 7 rating on IMDB and 80% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes.
Crashing Season 2 Release Date
Crashing follows the life of six people who become property guardian of an unused hospital. As they cannot pay high rents so they decide to adjust with each other.  At first they find it hard to adjust as they cannot withstand each other due to contrasting personalities but the 6 of them decide to make a strict set of rules.  Each one of them has to follow the rules and if they don’t then they have to take up punishment. This leads to funny scenarios and situations.

Channel 4 is yet to reveal its stance on the future of Crashing TV series but fans have discussed the show on many online forums and demanded for a second season. Phoebe also has stated that she is up for a second season and she has more stories to tell. Now it’s up to Channel 4 to decide about Crashing Season 2. So do you think Crashing will return with second season and if so then what will be its release date? We are regularly checking about the news on Crashing TV show. You can get update about the second season of Crashing directly into your inbox. Just use our notification system below and you will be signed up for future news of Crashing.