Carrie-Anne Moss is the New Addition in Marvel’s ‘AKA Jessica Jones’ for Netflix

Carrie-Anne Moss Will Play Harper

Carrie-Anne Moss who played the popular role of Trinity in 1999 sci fi film ‘The Matrix’ has been signed up by the Marvel studios to play a pivotal role in Marvel’s upcoming TV series ‘AKA Jessica Jones’. The production studio has said that Carrie-Anne Moss will play the role of a no non sense woman who could be ally to Jessica Jones. It is being speculated that she will play the role of Harper a fresh character to be introduced in the series. As she will play the role of a powerful woman so it might means that she will be playing the role of powerful government agent or might have a powerful rank in the police force. It is less likely that she will be Officer of SHIELD.

‘AKA Jessica Jones’ which is making up rounds since last year will be a 13 episode TV series. The series stars Krysten Ritter in the titular character (Jessica Jones). Jessica is a former superhero who now wants to live a peaceful life. The events before the origin of the series has led Jessica to live a more grounded life so she decide to become a private detective in the New York City. She might be playing a special kind of detective who spies on Superheroes and their aliases.

AKA Jessica Jones

Other than Krysten Ritter and Carrie-Anne Moss, the series will star our very own Doctor Who (ex) David Tennant. David will play the role of Zebediah Killgrave, main protagonist of the series. Actor Mike Colter will play the role of Luke cage who is a superhero and Jessica Jones Love interest. Actress Rachael Taylor will play the role of Trish walker (who is inspired from the ‘Patsy’ character of the original comics). Trish Walker is Jessica Jones best friend and she also becomes a superhero named HellCat.

Marvel has signed for five TV series for the online movie streaming company Netflix. Only two has been announced as of now. The first is ‘Daredevl’ which will be premiered in April 2015 and the other one is ‘AKA Jessica Jones’. Many Marvel insiders has claimed that the other three series will be ‘Luke Cage’ ‘Iron Fist’ and the superhero team ‘The Defenders’. The Defenders ofcourse will see superheroes of other four series teamed up to fight crime.