Captain America 3 Civil War Wiki, Cast, Plot and Release Date

Captain America 3: Civil War

The year 2015 made a lot of buzz among movie lovers when it was announced that two big movies Avengers:Age of Ultron and Batman Vs Superman will be released in 2015. Interestingly DC studios pushed the much anticipated Batman Vs Superman film for 2016. DC might have thought that they skipped the competition with Marvel by pushing the date back but Marvel made a major announcement in 2014 that made the fans to get excited about 2016. The news was about Captain America 3, that it will be titled Civil war. Die hard comic fans know what Civil war was in MCU but for those who don’t know we can sum up in two words that – Superhero Vs Superhero. Here is all you need to know about the third installment of Captain America:

Director of Captain America 3: Civil War

The duo of brothers Anthony Russo, Joe Russo shocked the critics by making a brilliant sequel of Captain America. Captain America: Winter Soldier was one of the highest grossing and best rated film of 2014. Kudo to Russo brothers for that and definitely the brothers hit jackpot with that. Marvel have showed faith in them so much that not only they will direct Captain America 3 but will also return to the director’s seat for The Avengers Infinity War part 1 and 2.

Captain America 3 Civil War

Cast of Captain America 3: Civil War

As soon as the title of Captain America 3 was announced everybody guessed about who will appear in the film and who will not. The biggest problem was related to Ironman. Ironman plays the main antagonist in the Civil War Comics so it was obvious that he will be included in the film version. But problem was that Robert Downey Jr’s contract with Marvel had expired and Civil War seemed impossible without him. Robert Downey Jr heard the plea of fans and studios ofcourse and agreed to once again wear the iron suit and became the bad guy of the film. Chris evans obviously will be back as Captain America. Black Widow, Hawkeye and Falcon will be playing vital role in the film and will be probably on Cap’s side. Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury will return as an ally of Ironman. However the biggest rumor circulating around the Civil war film is related to Spiderman. As soon as it was announced that Spiderman is back in MCU, every fan speculated that he will be part of Civil War. In the comic book version Spidey played a vital role in the war between Captain America and Ironman. As of now, Marvel has not even confirmed that who will play spiderman expect the announcement that he will be high school going Peter Parker. Other rumor is that the part of Spiderman will be skipped and in place of Spiderman, Russo brothers will put in Black Panther.

Plot of Captain America 3 Civil War

In the comic book version, the civil war started when a new superhero act was passed by the government. According to this act, Superhero would need to register with the government and are not free to use their power as wished. While Ironman and SHIELD director Nick fury are in the favor (and main head) of this act, Captain America and several other superheroes decided to stay away from this act. This started a civil war where superhero fight with superheroes instead of super villains.

In the film version, it is rumored that the events of Avengers Age of Ultron lead to the death of several innocent people by the hands of Superheroes. This will lead to the passing of infamous law for superheroes. In Captain America 3: Civil War, the superheroes will be forced to chose side among Captain America and Ironman.

Release Date of Captain America 3: Civil War

It was announced by Marvel that Captain America 3: Civil War will release on May 6 2016. Currently it is not clashing with any other major film.