Will CBS Renew Bull for Season 2 or Will it Get Cancelled

CBS premiered First Season of Bull on 20 September 2016 with high hopes. The pilot episode of Bull was able to gain as much as 15.62 million viewers. But as the series progressed the number fall down to as low as 10 million viewers. Even though it is a huge number but due to the negative reviews of ‘Bull’, fans are wondering if CBS will renews Bull for Season 2 or will it be cancelled after season 1. Let’s have a look on the premise of series and what future holds for it.

CBS announced about Bull in 2015 when it released a press note that a TV series on the life and work of Dr. Phil Mcgraw. Dr. Phil has fan following in millions and obviously people were excited about the TV series. CBS released the trailer of Bull TV series in June 2016 and it further raised the expectations of people from the show. However, it all came down with the very first episode. Critics literally panned the series for its dull story line. Critics on sites like RottenTomatoes, Metacritic and IMDB praised the performance of Michael Weatherly (NCIS fame), who is playing the titular character (Dr Jason Bull) in the series. But they described the story line to be awful and went to say that we cannot expect much from the future episodes and it is better to cancel Bull. CBS has already announced that the first season of Bull will consist of 22 episodes and the finale will air in February 2017.
Bull Season 2 Release Date
Bull TV series aired on 20 September. The first episode introduced us to the character of Jason Bull who is a Jury consultant and divorced psychologist. Jason is hired by a millionaire who wants to save his son from getting jailed. His teen son is being convicted for the r@pe and murder of his fellow school girl.  Each episode of bull is up to 45 minutes long and each episode follows a different case. Due to this people are expecting that Bull will improve with time.

Other than Michael Weatherly, the star cast of Bull includes actors like Freddy Rodriguez, Geneva Carr, Chris Jackson, Annabelle Attanasio and Jamie Lee Kirchner.

Bull Season 2 Premiere Date

The ratings of First episode on all the sites were low but as the series progressed it received better ratings for every episode. This suggests that CBS return with Bull Season 2. There is no official announcement from CBS on the future of Bull TV series. Many fans are worrying if Bull gets cancelled.  If you are one such fan who is waiting for Bull season 2, then you are more than welcome to subscribe our newsletter. We will update you about latest news on the development of Bull Season 2.