Bloodline Season 3 Release Date (with Plot) On Netflix

Netflix confirmed “Bloodline” Season 3 in July 2016. This news was welcomed by fans on twitter but the happiness was short lived. Netflix confirmed in October 2016 that “Bloodline” Season 3 will the penultimate season of the original series. This means that there will be no “Bloodline” episode after Season 3.  Here is brief overview of “Bloodline” Original series and what we can expect from the third and final season of “Bloodline”.

“Bloodline” Show Overview

Netflix is producing many good shows lately and among them “Bloodline” holds a very special place. “Bloodline” is thriller drama series that first premiered in March 2015. Season 1 of “Bloodline” included 13 episodes. It was well received by critics and audience. “Bloodline” season 1 holds a 80% fresh approval rating on RottenTomatoes. Netflix renewed the show for season 2 and it was available for streaming online on May 27 2016.

“Bloodline” Season 2 did more bad than good to the show. It actually held down the reputation of the show and deprived it from being a cult classic. Though many fans compare the show with Breaking Bad, True Detective and House of Cards but it actually have moments keeping it from becoming a classic. Still we can agree on the fact that “Bloodline” is watchable and Season 3 is much awaited.

“Bloodline” follows the lives of the members of Rayburn family. Rayburn family is a very reputed family residing in Florida Keys. The family owns a beach resort at Florida Keys and it is a good source of Income. Everything was going smooth for the family until the black sheep son; Danny reunites with the family on the beach resorts’ 45th anniversary.  Danny threatens to expose every member of the Rayburn family.

Among the Rayburn Family members is John Rayburn who is younger brother of Danny. John is a detective. Danny is the oldest brother and he dislikes his siblings. Kevin is younger brother of John and Danny. Kevin renovates old boats and earns decent money from it. Meg is the only sister of the three brothers. She is the youngest and believes in unity of family. She is an attorney.

Bloodline Season 3

Season 1 of “Bloodline” mainly focused on the homecoming of Danny whereas season 2 focused on the erratic behavior of Danny and his on-going feud with John.

“Bloodline” Season 3 Release Date and Plot

Netflix announced in July 2016 that “Bloodline” is renewed for a third season. Later Netflix announced that Season 3 will be the final season of “Bloodline”. As if that wasn’t enough, Netflix later announced that “Bloodline” Season 3 will only include 10 episodes instead of the regular 13 episodes.

The exact release date of “Bloodline” season 3 is yet to be announced but it is speculated that “Bloodline” Season 3 will be available for streaming online by May 2017.

Now that we know “Bloodline” will conclude with season 3, the main question arises that what “Bloodline” Season 3 will be about? In “Bloodline” Season 2 finale we saw that Nolan (Danny’s son) has arrived at the scene of his father’s death. We can expect that season 3 will revolve around him. Don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter to get latest updates about “Bloodline” directly into your inbox.